Rush Hour, Starring Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker

_____It's been a while since Jackie Chan came out with a truly entertaining movie. Rush Hour, in my opinion, may be one of better Jackie Chan movies to come out recently. Comedian Chris Tucker maintains a whiny, sing-song, and ebonic voice all throughout the movie, and I guarentee that if you have even a sliver of a sense of humor, then you're going to absolutely crack up. Jackie Chan maintains his boyish sense of charm on the movie screen, and of course, his lightning quick martial arts moves (which at the end of the movie, it shows the more embarassing bloopers). A very enjoyable movie to watch, and a derivative of the usual cast that plays in most of Jackie Chan's movies (Asian drug-dealing baddies with large, rumbling white bodyguards all itching to squish the nimble protaganist).

_____The plot is very simple. The daughter of a rich Asian counsel in America was kidnapped to Chinatown in good ol' Los Angeles. The FBI wishes to work alone on this case, but the counsel hires an old Hong Kong police buddy named Lee to help solve the case. Chris Tucker plays a reckless member in the LAPD police squad named Carter (Sergeant Riggs in Lethal Weapon, anybody?). He was hired as a dummy by the FBI to distract Lee and keep him off the FBI's back. Carter, being the overblown egotistical person he is, was led to believe that he was to be hired on to work on the case. Much of the humor comes from this part, where Carter plays the reluctant babysitter, while Lee continually attempts to escape to inform the counsel of his arrival. Eventually Lee finds his way into the investigation, with Carter close behind his heels. A couple of events happen here, and happen there, and finally Lee and Carter are the heroes what rescued the counsel's daughter (big surprise, huh?).

_____What I'm trying to say here is: go watch it!!! It's worth your $3.75 (matinee of course!) and it might even help you lose weight. I guarentee you'll have at least a couple of good laughs, even if you are Pope John Paul II himself. Rush Hour is not going to win any Oscars anytime soon, but it wins my nomination as a very fun movie to watch... sort of like Disney's Mulan and The Mask of Zorro. =)