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(By Gasman)

(Arnold Schwarzenegger; Gabriel Byrne; Kevin Pollak)
by Gasman

    Hot damn! Rice is letting me review a movie! I wonder what he's high on! j/k. I get the privilege of reviewing END OF DAYS. The title is very self-explanatory about the movie. The end of days talk of how the world will end in the year 2000. It is said in the bible that the world as we know it will end in the millennium and the only salvation we have is faith in God. This movie mostly deals with the religious aspects of the Christian and Catholic faith. It's the basic good verses evil battle between heaven and hell.

    It begins with the birth of a child born under the eye of God. This child is the chosen one that will either end the world as we know it or be our salvation.

20 years later...

    Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a beat down ex-cop that works for a private security agency. Jericho happens to confront a priest who had tired to kill one of his clients that leads him to unfolding events. He finds himself then protecting Christian York (Robin Tunney). Christian York is the chosen women to bare the child that will end the world and basically the Satan took the form of a man (Gabriel Byrne) who must have sex with Christian the hour before the millennium in order for the child to be created. Jericho Cane lost his family and with that lost his beliefs, but now finds he is dealing with supernatural forces.

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Even after all these years... Arnold's
still ripped and buff like hell.

    Arnold plays his usual best as the actor he is. I would say that the actors did an average job on their roles. I want to reveal more, but that would spoil the movie. This is a must see movie! It's got everything from violence to tits! The movie does deal a lot with religion though and shows the point in which we are all at the crossroads of belief and denial. I can say though it's not the typical heroin in distress, and the hero comes to say everyone and things end happily ever after. The movie was suspenseful and actually one of Arnold's better movies. It's got some of the basics that we always see in his movies though. At first he protects the girl ... then he gets the crap beat out of him... he gets better and pissed and goes of with enough weapons to kill of some small countries and rescues the girl. There are some surprises in the movie that make it good though.

    End of days itself was executed very well and there didn't seem to be much flaw to the movie, taken to account that I saw it at 1 in the morning. Arnold's acting seems to be improving though. The roles in End of Days were cast appropriately. For the religious and non - religious I would say that this is one of the better world coming to an end kind of movie. While watching it i kept thinking that this could be real and how our world as we know it can all just come crashing down. Personally I enjoy movies that making the audience have an after thought of how the movie is really set as. Even though the movie is creepy and scary I recommend that people go see it and judge for themselves because its not just another good evil movie, but has backing to it. From a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a good solid 9. From violence to tits!

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The end of days... have arrived.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10