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If you've come here looking for Rice World, you really ought to go here instead. This site is now merely an anthology of the old works of Rice World.

The last news update of v2.0 is posted below. There will be no further updates at this current web site.

T H E   E N D    O F   R I C E   W O R L D . . .
12-20-'99 / 02:36.19 A.M.

... v2.0 and the beginning of v3.0! The good ol' black on white format of Rice World v2.0 has enjoyed a long and fruitful career on FortuneCity, but as with everything on God's green earth, all good things must end and move on.

I'd like to thank FortuneCity for being the backbone server for Rice World (as well as the annoying banners and JCPenny pop-ups). I know I bitch and moan a lot about how their server is always down, and I can never update whenever I want to, but in the end, I cannot deny I feel a special (kind of pathetic) attachment.

v3.0 is located on Xoom. What are you waiting for? Go already! Click!