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The capital of Turkey is Istanbul?.

As with any other site, you won't find a dead end here on Rice World. Visit any of the sites below to continue your never ending quest for the search of the true meaning of "surfin' the web".

AnandTech: Another teen phenomenon that has managed to make a name of himself by running a website dedicated to hardware reviews. Similar to Tom's Hardware Guide, this site's reviews are always pages and pages full of notes and benchmarks. The content written by this 17 year old (Anand Lal Shimpi) is remarkable. Highly recommended.

Clinton's Full Testimony: The chums at Capitol "Merciless" Hill has unleashed Mr. President's full testimony to the public. Here's your chance to see our nation's leader embarrassed. And you thought the Independent Counsel's report was ugly...

Independent Counsel's Full Report: Ugly... very ugly. It's written like a bad romance novel. Clinton gets down and dirty with Monica Lewinsky... physically. Warning: Explicit material included may not be suitable for children under 18.

Silicon Edge, The: This site was introduced to me by Cruise. A very insightful place to surf about once every two days. The webmaster there updates regularly, and keeps most of the contents fresh and interesting. I managed to snag 32 megs of RAM for free thanks to his site. Smart fellow, attending U. Penn right now. And that's University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League prestiege, not the Penn State known for its talents in college football.

Thresh's Firing Squad: Have you ever played Quake? I'm talking about Classic Quake, not MOD's like Arena or Team Fortress. If you're a Quaker, then you know Thresh. Considered by many being the Michael Jordan of Quake, his many achievements include a first place finish at last year's E3 in Atlanta, which won him a spiffy Ferrari for his very own. Ever since then, he has never lost a 1 on 1 tournament. Thresh's Firing Squad is where you can find all his game & hardware reviews he does with his buddy Kenn. Recommended site for all different sorts of gamers alike.

Tom's Hardware Guide: The most insightful hardware site on the planet. Period. No other sites even come close. Benchmarks, previews, news hot off the hardware industry all end up at Tom's Hardware Guide. What's Intel up to with its new processors? Does the Savage 3D chip live up to its expectations? Tom tears apart the box hype and gives you an IN-DEPTH and un-biased look at the latest.

Sharky Extreme: Site dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date important computer gaming industry information in a very snazzy fashion. Similar to Voodoo Extreme, but Sharky Extreme seems to strike the right chord with me. British humor mixed in with gaming news, what else is better?