Binaries: Something made up of two parts or things. (i.e. 010010101)
A.K.A. Files / Executables

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for what these files do to your system. Download at your own peril.

1. Rice World font pack: The fonts included in the zip are what is used in this website. They are Arial Black, Bookman Old Style, Mead Bold, Tahoma, Bauhaus 93, and Courier New. The file offered here is identical to the one you see on the intro page. Updated 5-19-'99. (Size: 424,475 bytes)

Installation instructions: Simply use Winzip or any other unzip program and unzip the font files into the \WINDOWS\FONTS folder. For newbies, it means to click on "My Computer", then the "C: Drive", then click on the "Windows" folder, and after that, click on the "Fonts" folder.

2. Disk Usage for Windows: A niftly little program that checks the amount of space you have taken up on your drive(s) and is able to categorize them into which directories take up the most space, or which directory contains the most files, etc.... Updated 9-6-'98. (Size: 274,031 bytes)

3. Throw Pies at Bill Gates!: This one you simply cannot pass up. Just as the title indicates, you get to throw virtual pies at a virtual Bill Gates! Perfect for employees at Netscape and other anti-Microsoft companies. Updated 9-6-'98. (Size: 158,665)

4. WinAMP v2.05 Shareware: Premiere MP3 audio player for Windows 9x/NT. Heavy traffic at WinAMP's site due to very popular demand. Although it is shareware, there are no nags or restrictions. The author attemps to make the users feel guilty and states "WinAMP will neither cease functioning or warn you of the end of the 14-day trial period, it is your responsibility to register". Guess my moral values aren't as high as I thought them to be. Updated 12-20-'98. (Size: 529,924)

5. "DECEMBER" by Necros / LD: Sweet sounding Christmas tunes stuffed into this good-sized MOD. If you have nothing to do, or feel especially "Christmas-y", give this baby a whirl! You can play it on Windows New Media Player or Winamp v2.0 & above or if you're especially old skool, play it on good ol' Mod-4-Win! Updated 12-20-'98. (Size: 405,154) *Note: Netscape Navigator users, right click the link and choose "Save File As..." to download, or else the screen will turn into a mess of techno jargon. Microsoft Internet Explorer users should not have a problem with this...

6. Cyber-Info's Hotmail Notify: Check your Hotmail account right on your desktop (System Tray, actually)! You no longer have to re-log on everytime to when you are anticipating an important e-mail. Do it quick, fast, and efficient with Hotmail Notify. Updated 12-20-'98. (Size: 1,153,351)