Dangerous Beauty
(By Gerry Wang)

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I watch a lot of movies. I'm a loser, I know, but movies are the perfect escapist material. Where else but in movies can you visit other worlds and have no worries about society?

Each week I will provide my video pick of the week. This will be a movie I don't think a lot of people have seen at the theaters. Sometimes the movie may be terrible, but I still feel it should be viewed. Movies such as "Ace Ventura- Pet Detective" are mindless drivel, but are hilarious and feature terrific performances by fine thespians such as Jim Carrey, etc.

This week I will side w/ Siskel & Ebert and choose "Dangerous Beauty" as my VPOTW. I saw this movie at the theaters, plus I happened to know some historical background about this movie at that time. Of course, I forgot everything by now.

It stars Catherine McCormack as the late 16th Century Italian feminist poet Veronica Franco. McCormack delivers a fierce performance as she becomes a prostitute, due to her low social ranking. However, we see that the prostitutes enjoy a less restricted and intellectual life than the married off wives of Venice's husbands. This is during a period of religious revival, and all the wives of Venice stay home and dress in black pure lookin clothes while their husbands go off and cavort w/ the prostitutes, sharing poetry, singing, dancing, reading books.

As bizarre as it might sounds, being a prostitute became very enlightening for women. Veronica Franco was probably the leading prostitute for the men. She delighted their sensual as well as intellectual cravings, and became famous.

I won't spoil the plot for anyone, but I will say that it is Catherine McCormack's portrayal of Franco as the she blossoms into the famed feminist poet/prostitute that makes this movie one to recommend. She exudes a charming confidence, yet is fierce and quick-witted. You should go rent this. Chicks would love it.

Rating: *** (out of 4)
Thumb: Up
Chick-o-meter: 4

4- She'll love it. You'll earn points
3- You two oughta negotiate
2- Might need some convincing
1- Keep her away