N64 Emulator - UltraHLE
(By Kansur)

Ultra HLE - The Only Way To Emulate

_____Emulate : to imitate in an effort to equal or surpass

_____Emulation... VIDEO GAMES ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA! You know this rocks! You know you like it! You know you want it! Emulation just kicks ass! And you can emulate just about anything. Whether you're a Nintendo freak, or a Sega maniac, you can play their games on your personal PC. Do you know what this means?!?! You can save up to 200 dollars on a console, 50 bucks on a game for a mere 10- megs on your Hd! GODAMN! YOU KNOW THAT RULES!

_____Recently, there's been a big hype over Nintendo Ultra 64 emulation. And well, there's only one emulator out there that is actually worth getting. Ultra HLE is the best emulator out there for the n64, but it is not perfect yet. It is capable of running most of the roms out there, but not all of them. Ultra HLE has been discontinued because those greedy bastards at Nintendo are sueing them. Son of a gun! BUT! We got those hackers out in the world who keep hacking at it and updating Ultra HLE without revealing themselves. Oh boy do we love them!

_____Ultra HLE was discontinued on 1/29/99, but new updates came out on 2/11/99. You can't find this program out on any webpage, EXCEPT NOW! Click here to grab the best n64 emulator out there. And here's the Update! There is a limited compatibility game list out there, and you can get it by clicking here! The key config for Ultra HLE is quite weird, so here's a Key Config. Click! Boy is it hard to play this with a keyboard though, so i hope you have a gamepad of some sort with enough buttons to handle it, such as a Microsoft Sidewinder or a Gravis Joystick of some sort. I know all of this was pretty straight forward, but I know you want most of it right away!

Here are the requirements for Ultra HLE (taken from the Readme.txt)


PII 233Mhz Processor
32MB System RAM
Voodoo1 Based 3DFX Card (Glide Drivers Required)


PII 300Mhz Processor
64MB System RAM
Voodoo2/Banshee Based 3DFX Card (Glide Drivers Required)


PII 400Mhz Processor
64MB System RAM
Voodoo2/Banshee Based 3DFX Card (Glide Drivers Required)

_____And just to get you started, here's , Mario 64!!! Watch out though! It's 6 megs! OH! If you really hate playing the game, but wanna see the ending, download this! This file is 1.36 megs. I passed the game myself, so let it be known that I have no life but to play Nintendo Ultra 64 on my computer =)

_____Need more games? Are you in dire need to see what Zelda 64 is like? Well, have no fear! Kansur is here! GO FIND IT! HAHAHA... but if you really want it, send me a message via icq and i'll slowly transfer it to you. I got the bandwidth if you got the time. (as long as it transfers while I sleep =) ) If you really want more games on that compat list, goto #n64emuroms on any Efnet server. And wait and wait and wait until someone spits out a site =) Watcho out for those porn sites though.

_____There are many sites out there if you search Ultra HLE, but there's only one that I go to. It's the UltraHLE Support Page.

_____There are emulators out there for you people who can't use Ultra HLE yet. You can play Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Playstation, and even the Arcade machines! But, that's another article for a different time. I hope you enjoy Nintendo Ultra 64!!!

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