'N Sync - Somewhere, Someday

(By Gerry & Rice)


"Somewhere, Someday" (5,942,746 bytes MP3 format)

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    This week I chose a song that would coincide w/ the opening week of the movie version of eeriest trend to come along in years. I've never seen something as widespread and omnipresent as Pokemon. Hell, I think Pokemon is more omnipresent than Christianity. Because it transcends normal societal restraints, and appeals to a wide range of people, mostly kids, from tykes to teens, from males to females, from black kids to asian kids.

    Pokemon comes in many forms of media, from Gameboy, video, TV, music, to trading cards and toys. It is the ultimate merchandising franchise. All kids are suckers for it. And if they're not into it at school, they're ostracized. It's become a cult, except it's just too darn cute and cuddly for the government to suppress. The cards are the ultimate evil, driving kids to become pirates or bandits, or just plain Nazis.

    But before we bash this craze, we must realize it's just a fad. It's a fad that will last a freakin long time, but all things come to an end. The Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Transformers.......... all those franchises were immensely popular and also came out w/ cinematic versions. But none have the staying power of Pokemon. Pokemon is an undefeatable monster, but it will end. It will die out on its own. It is not evil, except for the whole card hawking aspect........

    Yet even I can't help but enjoy Pokemon. I love watching its simple, yet complex premise of defeating your opponent through knowing the matchups and strengths of each Pokemon. It's like watching an RPG turned into a cartoon. But I can see where people might have a beef w/ this cartoon. There really is an emphasis on belligerence, and the whole slavery-like system is just plain disturbing.

    But there is innocent fun to be had. It's like Tamagotchi. You must nurture your Pokemon and treat it right in order for it to become stronger and more loyal to you. You bond w/ your Pokemon, and they become pets, not slaves. They're companions, not weapons or trophies. Sadly, this is not preached all the time in the show. But I do applaud how no one ever dies. They just faint, or get really charred.

    And now, they've unleashed a movie here on the United States. I haven't seen it yet, so I won't jump to conclusions. But what I've heard is that it's a dark tale along the lines of Frankenstein, as Mewtwo ponders his existence and place in the world, while seeking revenge on the human race. Pretty dark for kids. This is actually standard in Japanese anime, but normal Americans don't understand that. We just aren't used to decapitations in cartoons.

    Anyways, I'm pleased to see that Pokemon is following traditional American marketing strategem by releasing a soundtrack full of nice singles that have absolutely nothing to do w/ the movie. It's just there to fill the radio waves and generate buzz. But it works wonders. The current top-40 hit right now is 'N Sync's "Somewhere, Someday" which appears to be a remake of a Jennifer Paige song. Strange. Perhaps there is a master version out there somewhere sung by a country singer. Oh well.

    This is song sounds typical of 'N Sync and the usual gay boy pop bands. If you're a fan (I am, so there's nothing to be ashamed of), then you'll definitely like "Somewhere, Someday." It conjures up images of Ash and Pikachu on their epic voyage to become the ultimate Pokemon God-like tag team. Highly recommended.


    Those who know me probably think I have some kind of personal vendetta against those gay boys that sing in octaves normally reserved for women. In truth, sometimes they have catchy tunes, and I even catch myself whistling it occasionally. However, on the greater part, they merely disgust me. Joey McIntyre is horrible in my opinion. The world would be much better without his 'oh so sweet' voice. Edwin McCain too. Yuck. Nonetheless, if I had to choose one out of that heap of R&B artists, 'N Sync would be it. 98 Degrees runs a close second, but keep in mind this is a race of gutter dwellers. Hell, I even own the 'N Sync Home for Christmas album, but that's because I'm a sucker for anything dealing w/ winter holidays.

    A few of those rare R&B smooth hits I enjoyed was 'N Sync's Everything I Own, or 98 Degree's Invisible Man. Backstreet Boys' I Want it That Way also, before it was gutted for me on the radio waves, playing once every half hour. Does Somewhere, Someday walk amongst those, uh... elites? My first impression was a strong urge to delete it. After continuously listening to it over and over again, I started to feel mellow from the tunes. At long last, after it ran on repeat for about an hour, I grudgingly admit it was a decent song.

    Nevertheless, that initial urge to delete remained, as it still does so now. This song will never make it onto my regular playlist, but sometimes I may open it and let the sound waves go in from one ear and out the other. It's great for studying, while my KROQ favorites are better for leisure listening. I defy you to study for a final exam in which you know you will fail while listening to Offspring's Why Don't You Get A Job. Extremely depressing. Anyways, I can recommend this song to the female audience of Rice World (do they exist?), or out-of-the-closet fans like Gerry. =) It's nothing you haven't heard before, that's for sure.


When clouds above you start to pour
And all of doubts rage like a storm
And you don't know who you are anymore
Let me help you find what you've been searching for

Somewhere there's a field and a river
You can let your soul run free
Someday let me be the giver
Let me bring you peace
Somewhere there's a break in the weather
Where your heart and spirit go free
Someday it'll be for the better
Let me bring you peace

I know you think no one sees
The weight on your shoulders
But you can't fool me
And aren't you tired of standing so tall
Let me the one to catch you when you fall


Let me bring you joy, let me bring you peace
Take the tears that you cry, trust them to me
Let me give you heart, and give you hope
Be the one constant love that you've never known