Mistaken - Save Ferris

(By Gerry & Rice)


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"Mistaken" (3,124,790 bytes MP3 format)

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    Save Ferris. What kind of name is that for a band? Well, this is the band that sung our song of the week #4, Mistaken. If you've heard of the band, but not sure about who they are, think the hit song COME ON EILEEN, which was a top hit. For those that have no idea who Save Ferris is, their music is a lot like NO DOUBT, falling into the punk/ska category. Their first album, IT MEANS EVERYTHING, debuted in 1997. The lead singer is also a female, so at first listen, you may think it's NO DOUBT. A lot of electric guitar and drums going on, stuff like that.

    I know some of you get turned off because of that, but I know a lot of Blink 182 fans which are also big time R&B listeners. Yes! The music of Save Ferris plays a lot like Blink. If you fall into the above category, I am fairly confident you will enjoy MISTAKEN. By the way, they were at the KROQ event during the time we were rocking at the Quake 3 Arena tour bus. Too bad we were too busy quaking, or else I definitely would have checked them out.


    The first thing that came to my head was, How the hell does Gwen Stefani sing for two bands? Save Ferris in indistinguishable from No Doubt. In fact, all ska/punk shit sounds the same to me. I'll take Blink over Sublime anyday. But, like the objective history major that I am, I have "Mistaken" an opportunity to make it to my playlist. If it doesn't after 3 listens, then it goes onto my musical dung heap, to be discarded.

    Sadly, it made it onto the dung heap. It is shamefully unoriginally. Listen to The Offspring's songs and you'll see what I mean. Practically the same guitar riffs. Then again, it really isn't Save Ferris' place to do original music. I mean, they were the ones who remade Dexy's Midnight Runners' classic, and that's like the only song they're noted for. Although "Mistaken" does have its share of energy and spunk, it falls short of being a KROQ classic.


There's no joy without the pain
It's the pain that makes us strong
But sometimes its just so hard to carry on
When you said that you don't care
When you said that you'd be there
But I wonder just how did things go so wrong
With everything we've had (Oh please tell me)
And you know its just so sad
But who's to blame cuz'

So who are you
I thought I knew
I guess I was mistaken (And I only wanted you)
So say goodbye
Don't tell goodbye
I guess I was mistaken

I know I can't run to you again
Cuz' you would only run away
I guess there's nothing I can do to make you stay
You said that you would never leave
A lie you told and I believed
And now you want to go and throw this all away
So what has happened here (Oh please tell me)
It's exactly as I feared
Your just the same and


As I blame myself again
I wonder what I did
You tell me that you still might care for me
Say you just confused
But that's really no excuse
You don't get sympathy
Cuz I dont need this mind trip
I must be myself
Must free myself from you
And all you put me through