Nookie - Limp Bizkit

(By Gerry & Rice)



By Gerry Wang

    A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a little site called Rice World, which featured a Song of the Week. Thanks to Darth Gerry's Empire (FTP server), Rice World was able to sustain its Song of the Week feature. However, Gerry's Empire fell (moved out), and the Force (T1-ethernet) ceased to course through his being. Rice World's Song of the Week was no more.

    But one day, a young lad named Rice Skywalker awakened w/ a stark realization. The Force was within him. By summoning all his strength and determination, Rice World's Song of the Week was alive once again. And although the gods no longer walk the earth, Darth Gerry's spirit is still very much alive in the Song of the Week, as the legacy of the Old Empire has been replaced with a much improved New Empire (more server space).


"Nookie" (4,634,459 bytes MP3 format)

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    Those of you not familiar w/ the guttural growls of Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit's lead singer, will quickly be quite at home w/ them. For it is the screeching choruses of Limp Bizkit's songs that sets them apart from other rap/metal bands such as Korn and Rage Against The Machine. Just listen to "Faith," from Limp Bizkit's previous album, 3 DOLLAR BILL Y'ALL, and you'll see what I mean. Fred Durst practically vomits out the words to George Michael's 80's hit.

    What's best about "Nookie" is its chorus, which should be stuck in your head upon first listening to it, unless you're Helen Keller and songs are just series of bumps you feel w/ your fingers. I know I've been hyping this song a lot. Heh heh. So unusual for me too. I consider myself more of a r&b/rap person. So when a rock song makes my playlist, it's truly some special, and Limp Bizkit's "Nookie" certainly is.


    After a bit of discussion, we decided that this song, amongst many others such as Kid Rock, fall in the heavy metal rap genre. I think the name speaks for itself, but if you need more conviction, Nookie is it. While not one of my favorites, I find it amusing to tell people to take their cookie and shove it up their.... erm... hm... anyways, my point is Limp Bizkit certainly sings with all of their lungs.

    Recommendation? On Gerry's part, it's a heavy grunt of yes, Nookie style! On my part? I would get it if you have the hard drive space to spare. Hey, I'm a rock fan, but this style is just not the traditional rock / alternative that I'm comfortable with. Of course, if you like Kid Rock, then this would definitely be something you want to pick up. Give it a good listen thru a couple of times, and soon, you'll look at cookies in a whole different perspective. =)