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(By Rice World Staff)

by None, Rice, Gerry... and guest writer kurupt

     Isn't it just wonderful how I got screwed over by the final four of 1998? I wonder how Minnesota has taken such a beating, while going 15-1 last season. Their nucleus is essentially unchanged! My faith in the coaches have also combined to form a 1-2 combo to knock me into the status of ASS OF THE WEEK! How embarassing! If you're eager to see your beloved Rice humiliated, just scroll on down! This week, as you may have already read in the introduction, a guest "pick-er" by the handle of kurupt has volunteered his services. Here is his quick intro of himself:

(Actually, some of the regulars just got tired of being the ass of the week, so I volunteered to make a mockery of myself!)

Now that's confidence! J/k. Without further ado, here are the latest rankings (a plus denotes successful lock, a minus detones a failure):

Wins Losses Locks Back
None 28 16 3-0 ---
Gerry 27 17 1-2 1
Rice 27 17 1-2 1


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Gerry 10-5 - 9-6 - 8-6 +
None 9-6 + 10-5 + 9-5 +
Rice 8-7 + 11-4 - 8-6 -


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patssmall.gif (599 bytes)  vs  brownssmall.gif (1058 bytes)
New England Patriots @ Cleveland Browns
Gerry: Cleveland
None: New England

Rice: New England
kurupt: New England

None: This is kinda sad. Cleveland, a great football town, finally gets back their Brownies after 3 years of misery because of that Art Modell s.o.b. And now what happens? Every single team has come in and just pounded the Browns in submission. Is anything gonna change? Oh, yeah, like the Browns are just going to stop Drew Bledsoe. Hey, Cleveland, you wanted football back? Here you go! 0-4, baby!

Rice: I know, all new franchises usually win a few games in their first season while losing double digits. Usually their wins come unexpectedly from teams that slack off and pick that week to "practice" against them. So far, it sounds like I'm going to pick Cleveland, but my theme of the week is "conservatism". Chances are they are going to lose rather than win, therefore Bledsoe is my man, and the Patriots are my team. Weird logic indeed, but being ass of the week has warped my football mind.

Gerry: The Patriots, although 3-0, haven't looked impressive in any of their games, all of them decided by 3 points or less. The Browns' D appeared more passionate last week against rival Baltimore, and Tim Couch has began to click w/ his favorite receivers, Kevin Johnson and TE Marc Edwards. Something tells me Cleveland will celebrate this Sunday w/ their first win as the new Browns.

kurupt: Cleveland has been bashed plenty, so we don't really need to hear any more. However I think Cleveland will get a couple wins this year, most like off opponents that go in complacent thinking Cleveland is a pushover. This franchise has a long history, and just imagine the Dog Pound rioting over the Browns' first win. Sorry fans, not this week.

jagssmall.gif (1459 bytes)  vs  steelerssmall.gif (1522 bytes)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Gerry: Jacksonville
None: Jacksonville

Rice: Jacksonville
kurupt: Jacksonville

None: Boy, did the Jags make me look bad last week. What did I say? Take "the Jaguars big over the Titans"? Bleh. This week, the pick's much easier: They play a Steelers team that had 5 turnovers last week against the Seahawks. Both their victories have come against unimpressive teams (Browns & Ravens), and they're still trying to figure out their offense. Both teams will be up for the division matchup, and I'll take Jacksonville again.

Rice: The only proven team that hasn't disappointed fantasy leaguers and sports gamblers. While the final four of 1998 wilted like flowers in the desert, Jacksonville proved to be the resiliant cactus. A shaky cactus, to be sure, but looking at what they're up against (Pittsburg), I'd say this is a pretty sure bet.

Gerry: The Jaguars have been playing in rain when at home, and their passing game has suffered from it. Still, Brunell and Jimmy Smith have been racking up the numbers. Business as usual. Look for the return of Fred Taylor to have a significant impact, provided he is healthy enough. Pittsburgh looked atrocious last week, particularly in the 1st half as Kordell Stewart played his way to the bench.

kurupt: Hmm.. I was thinking of picking this game as my upset of the week. But I have too much invested in Jacksonville players in my fantasy football teams that I can't go against them. Pittsburg has a shaky offense and a black hole of a QB. Two above average defenses here, so the offense is the kicker. Jacksonville more experience + more weapons = Jacksonville victory.

cardssmall.gif (1052 bytes)  vs  cowboyssmall.gif (794 bytes)
Arizona Cardinals @ Dallas Cowboys
Gerry: Dallas
None: Dallas

Rice: Dallas
kurupt: Dallas

None: Damn Arizona played like absolute crap on Monday Night, and trust me, I hold grudges. Damn it, the 49ers were down after their loss to the Jaguars; stupid motherfreaks; plus Steve Young wasn't even in half the game. Stupid Cardinals couldn't even put up a damn fight. Looks like Aikman and the 'Boys will get their offense back to high gear, and especially since this one's in Dallas, take the Cowboys.

Rice: The only thing the Cowboys are better at than winning at home is getting arrested for possession of illegal drugs and firearms (jab at Gerry's team). Jake Plummer is on pace to throw a record number of interceptions, and with the return of Deion, that means sweet pickings for the Dallas secondary. Arizona's defense isn't shabby either, so I see a lot of defensive touchdowns coming in this game. The offense nod goes to the Cowboys, so therefore I expect Troy & Co. to pull out a W.

Gerry: Coming off a refreshing bye week plus the return of Deion Sanders plus playing at home equals a Cowboy victory. Arizona looked bad at times during the 49er game, but their defense seemed superb. Still, the Cowboys have the best o-line in the league, and this rivalry has traditionally been won by Dallas.

kurupt: I hate Dallas, and Jake Plummer is my favorite QB. But come on, Dallas has thus far done better then they could possibly play with that bunch of old timers. Learn from Jordan, retire while you're on top. But arizona is having even more problems, so dallas takes this one.

eaglessmall.gif (1537 bytes)   vs  giantssmall.gif (584 bytes)
Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants
Gerry: NY Giants
None: NY Giants

Rice: NY Giants
kurupt: NY Giants

None: Ah, the Eagles. The team that's been shut out of touchdowns the last 8 quarters. Sure, they've come against very good defenses (Tampa Bay & Buffalo), but still: How do you pick a team that's sucked this much? Easy, you don't. The Giants might be still trying to find their offense, but they can score more than 3. That is, if the Eagles get a field goal at all.

Rice: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Eagles need some serious help to stay remotely competitive to their opponents. Buffalo stifled their offense, and the Giants supposedly evangelized themselves as a defense oriented team. I can't see Philadelphia winning anytime soon... so sad, so sad.

Gerry: I bet on Philly last week against Buffalo. The outcome was 26-0 Buffalo. I hate Philly. The Giants held their own against New England last week, but couldn't secure a victory due their lack of offense, particularly at the RB spot. But if Philly can get beat 26-0 by Buffalo, then damn, the Giants should romp 52-0. (Shot at Rice's team).

kurupt: Giants are at home and Philadelphia ain't that good. Plain and simple.. looks like a battle of some defenses vs. no offenses. I like Duce Staley, but Giants defense will have a good game plan against him.

bucssmall.gif (1751 bytes)  vs  vikingssmall.gif (1892 bytes)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Minnesota Vikings
Gerry: Minnesota
None: Minnesota

Rice: Tampa Bay
kurupt: Minnesota

None: To be honest, last week, I expected Tampa Bay to whip Denver & instead they win by two field goals. Check this matchup out: A team with a very good defense but a crud offense vs. a team with a very explosive offense that hasn't lived up to expectations. However, I'm starting to see the light: Dilfer is a piece o' crud, and they have no one else to depend on (Alstott had a great game, but he had like 35 carries). Despite the Vikings' turmoils (even Moss has complained about the passing game), I like them over the Bucs.

Rice: I was mugged by Minnesota in week 2, and raped in week 3. I have lost nearly all faith in their team, and am confused at where all that firepower they displayed last season has gone. I suspect internal unrest in the Vikings organization as they grow increasingly frustrated. To win, you need to keep a cool head and establish a running game. Robert Smith will meet up with the scariest freakin' defense in the universe and eat a mouthful of dirt. The NFL has got the Vikings solved, and their offense had better come up with something new. I hate the Vikings... they made me look like a long nosed donkey. However, I expect a close game simply because Trent Dilfer sucks.

Gerry: After losing the heartbreaker to Green Bay last week, Minnesota's locker room burst into a fury of finger-pointing and bickering. Cris Carter accused Sterling Hitchcock of blowing the game-winning play. Randy Moss was burned in effigy by the media for managing only 2 catches. It's time for a gut check because Tampa Bay is one team in the NFC that gives the Vikings fits. But I think the loss to Green Bay has motivated Minnesota to prove that their 15-1 season last year wasn't a fluke.

kurupt: I ranked TB as one of the top teams entering this season. Dilfer would finally realize this is his final season to prove himself as being a competent QB, and thus take the Bucs to the Super Bowl. Well, he has done anything but that, and recurring injuries to the WR's just makes their offense even more dependant on Dunn and Alstott. Sorry fellas, they can't carry all the load. Minnesota is at home and they are furious after being victimized by the Big Cheese. Robert Smith is going to die out soon, but the Viking air assault will be able to have some shots against the best defense in the NFL.

ravenssmall.gif (1351 bytes)  vs  falconssmall.gif (644 bytes)
Baltimore Ravens @ Atlanta Falcons
Gerry: Baltimore
None: Baltimore

Rice: Baltimore
Kurupt: Atlanta

None: The Ravens' only win of the year has come against the expansion Browns. The Falcons' first win of the year has come against....uh, yes. Anyways- you're looking at two non-playoff teams fer sure. The Falcons' most spirited loss came at Week 1, and that was only because it was their rematch with the Vikings. Their team is falling apart. Damn, I hate picking between two teams that suck like hell. Take the Ravens.

Rice: I hate Atlanta almost as much as I hate Minnesota. Jamal Anderson bitched about his contract, got a better one, and is now out for the season. What a lamer. The feeling here is betrayal, as I put my faith in the Falcons that last season wasn't simply a fluke. I should've known better, after seeing Denver thrash Atlanta. Freak, I should've known about Minnesota after seeing them let the Falcons walk over them. Sigh... I am just a bitter man right now.

Gerry: I'm starting to pity the Falcons. Things just aren't going right for the defending NFC Champions. I think they'll start winning some time this year, but not this week against Baltimore, who finally got a tough win over the new Cleveland Browns, who were beserk w/ bloodlust. Baltimore still hasn't shown the offensive promise it did during the preseason. But a big surprise has been the play of Errict Rhett, who's had 2 consecutive 100 yard games.

kurupt: Chandler is out, but Graziano has had two weeks to grasp the Atlanta offense, so it's time for him to toss some TD's. Baltimore went 4-0 in the preseason, but thus far they haven't gotten off to such a hot start. When the defense starts to play up to expectation, then baltimore could be good. But until then, expect Stoney Case to show some rookie inconsistency.

saintssmall.gif (959 bytes)  vs  bearssmall.gif (1018 bytes)
New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears
Gerry: Chicago
None: Chicago

Rice: New Orleans
kurupt: New Orleans

None: Truth be told, I don't know that much about either team. You've got Ricky Williams (who's been injured like a hundred times already) on the Saints. Da Bears team is largely unknown to me. Hmm, take them. Why? Cuz they're playing at home.... Is there any other reason? Uh...if there is, I don't know it. Damn, I feel stupid...

Rice: I feel sorry for the city of Chicago. After Michael Jordan retired, their city looks very bleak as the Bulls plummeted in the standings. The Cubs will never win anything, and Sammy Sosa has an outside chance at hitting more homers than the team has won games. Oh, and the Bears. Once a proud franchise, we see them go through crisis after crisis and never showing themselves as a team that can hang with the big boys. New Orleans is on the rise, though Ricky Williams is questionable with a sore elbow. Aw c'mon! NFL players should learn from Brett Favre, who has broken almost every bone in his body yet shows up week after week to lead his team to victory. Anyways, I see an ugly game in the making, but the Saints ought to pull this one through.

Gerry: Da Bears. Even though Nawhlins is coming off a bye week, Ricky Watters has been beset by injuries, and the entire offense has looked spotty, particularly Billy Joe Hobert. The Bears are playing decently, keeping all their games close. They can only get better, and what better way than to pick on lower tier teams like the Saints.

kurupt: Since the old school days of the Bears with Singletary and company, I haven't found anything worth cheering. Shane Matthews sucks and Cade McNown should have the starting job by now. Too many bad vibes with McNown's notorious handicap parking violation and an injury to the core of the offense, Curtis Enis. Hey, Ricky Williams will probably be out, but remember before Ricky there was a guy named Lamar Smith who wasn't too bad in his own right. He's no ricky, but he can manage 70 yards to free up the passing game for the unknown passing trio of hobert, kennison, and poole.

ramssmall.gif (699 bytes)  vs  bengalssmall.gif (1350 bytes)
St. Louis Rams @ Cincinnati Bengals
Gerry: St. Louis
None: St. Louis

Rice: St. Louis
kurupt: St. Louis

None: Jesus, I expected the Rams to beat the Falcons, but I didn't know they were gonna get out their beatin' sticks and just shove it right into the Dirty Bird. I bet some loser who got Kurt Warner in his fantasy league team must be dancing around right about now. Even if he does come back to Earth (after 3 touchdowns throwing last week), what the hell could the Bengals do to put up a fight? Last time I checked, an offense is needed. Take da Rams BIG! This would be my super-completely-100%-guaranteed or your money back- sure thing lock. But this would be too cheap, so too bad...anyways, take them!

Rice: I can't stand St. Louis. I have never ever seen the Rams even remotely competitive in all my short sports life, and now they come with some Arena leaguer and blow the hell out of the defending NFC champions. I have always liked Isaac "The Reverend" Bruce though. Cincinnati is another team that I have never seen competitive, back in the days when Shula's boy was coaching. Man, a few years ago, this matchup would have been the stinker, but now, I expect St. Louis to win.

Gerry: What did I say? The Rams looked explosive last week. Kurt Warner accidently throws 4 TDs and runs for 1, then says it ain't shit because he threw 8 a game in the Arena League. Cincy made me look ass-like last week, and I think they'll have a more decent showing against the Rams, but fuck, get Jeff Blake's sorry ass outta there. But in Akili Smith. Have some pride in yourself!

kurupt: This is a matchup between a St Louis offense that is strong at each position vs a porous defense with an inexperienced secondary. With the shakeup of the Cincy team dropping some key running backs, their offense will not play as well, demoralized. When an offense goes against such a weak D, something always goes wrong so I expect St Louis to win by a tweeker.

pantherssmall.gif (1186 bytes)  vs  redskinssmall.gif (1793 bytes)
Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins
Gerry: Washington
None: Washington

Rice: Washington
kurupt: Washington

None: Damn, I love these Redskins: What an exciting offense they run. You could tell Brad Johnson relishes his starting role on the team, after last year's benchwarming to Randall Cunningham in Minnesota. It's all air-it-out in Washington. Carolina's a bad team, so put your seat belts on, crank up the radio, cuz I'm taking this baby all the way to Blowout City! Alright, that was cheesy, but take the Skins. Scalp those damn Panthers.

Rice: I've hated the Redskins ever since they beat Buffalo in the Super Bowl. They've been on a downhill slide ever since, but this season, they look renewed with vigor. Carolina used to be the better of the expansion teams, but now they are the runt. Doesn't matter if it's Tim Biakabatuka or Fred Lane behind the Panthers' QB, they'll lose.

Gerry: These two teams are pretty even defensively, but the offensive firepower edge has to go to Washington. They have a newfound running game, and a great passing game. And oh, Biakabutuka's awesome stats last week were huge flukes. It was 2 60+ TD runs that made him look good. But minus that and he averaged about 0.375 yards per carry. Loser.

kurupt: Well I'm not a washington fan and my instincts are telling me, upset upset upset... but against a loaded offense and carolina not offering much of a defense, I have to pick WAS. When the coach finally realizes Biakabatuka is better than Fred Lane is the day Carolina has a chance to have a season above .500.

jetssmall.gif (736 bytes)  vs  broncossmall.gif (999 bytes)
New York Jets @ Denver Broncos
Gerry: NY Jets
None: NY Jets

Rice: NY Jets
kurupt: Denver

None: A huge battle between two 0-3 games. No, this isn't the Eagles and the Browns, it's the Jets at the Broncos. Hmm, this one's tough. The Jets have performed a lot better than the Broncos, who still seem to be scratching their heads .They should have never pulled Bubby Brister- that disturbed the whole chemistry of the team. Instead of being a simple transition, Shannahan is making huge changes. This is still a toss-up, but I like the Jets. They played competitively against the Skins last week, and the Bronco O ain't as good as the Skins'.

Rice: In my opinion, Parcells is the best coach in sports. Last week, I explained how he brought Quarterbacks into stars. Rick Mirer will definitely improve, and might even rise above his perpetual mediocrity. Denver has screwed me over as Minnesota and Atlanta has, and therefore I hate them. Damn, Terrell Davis is due for a big breakout game though, and this might be it. I'm going with the Jets simply because I still have faith in Parcells.

Gerry: I really like Denver, but alas, they still have the longest list of injuries in the league. Say what you want about Brian Griese, but a good pass rush can get to him, and the Jets have a pretty decent one. The Jets have also competed in every game they've played, although they've all been losses, and this is a testament to Bill Parcell's uncanny ability to motivate his players and get them to overachieve.

kurupt: This game is the toughest for me to pick. I seem to be the only supporter of Mirer, but Denver is overdue for a win. Both teams stack up overall rather even even to me, even though Denver's defense is looking like the worst in the league without Mobley. The Denver offense however has the same returning stars as last year, and are underachieving. I have to go with the home team at Mile High. The fans will pull the Broncos to a victory.

chiefssmall.gif (1052 bytes)  vs  chargerssmall.gif (779 bytes)
Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers
Gerry: San Diego
None: San Diego

Rice: Kansas City
kurupt: San Diego

None: Damn, I think I'm just gonna bitch about last week in this column. The Chargers dominate the Colts for 3 1/2 quarters, lead 19-10, and what happens? In the fricking last quarter, Manning and Co. come back and win 27-19. The defense really played their hearts out, but it seemed like Harbaugh and the offense would get 3 & outs all the time. Too much time for the defense on the field. I had this feeling of impending doom when I was watching the game. "You can only hope to contain Manning, but he will break through, especially with the many opportunities he's getting." Argh, maybe I'm just a sucker, but I really like the Charger defense. Pick them again.

Rice: When Joe Montana was traded to the Chiefs a number of years ago before he retired, I started gaining interest in the team who plays in the city which I used to live near. Now Schottenheimer (however you spell his name) is gone, and so is Montana and Marcus Allan. What happened to Neil Smith? Derrick Thomas no longer intimidates like Lawrence Taylor during his heyday. Wow, I just realized all the things I said so far are negative, but KC still retains their grittiness and every season has managed to stay competitive. San Diego, on the other hand, reminds me of the Falcons (or vice versa, actually), as they went to the Super Bowl one year and got smushed. They may be on the rise, and they may be playing at home, but my guts say KC. I just hope my guts don't lead me straight to a back to back ass of the week!

Gerry: I hate both of these teams, so I decided to just go w/ the home team. The Chargers' run defense is once again phenomenal, but what the heck, Peyton Manning torches their pass defense for 400 yards? Look for the Chargers to alter this alarming trend and pull out a bruising victory.

kurupt: I liked San Diego's mediocre offense, and top rated defense against the run. KC centralizes their entire game plan on the running attack, even though they have two great receivers in Gonzalez and Alexander. San Diego is at home and Mikhail Ricks has to have a good game after being shut out last week.

titanssmall.gif (1018 bytes)  vs  49erssmall.gif (1436 bytes)
Tennessee Titans @ San Francisco 49ers
Gerry: Tennessee
None: San Francisco

Rice: Tennessee
kurupt: San Francisco

None: I'm getting tired, so I'm keeping it short. The 49ers showed very good life last week against the Cardinals, but Steve Young suffered a concussion and had to leave. I think he's out for this game too; How's the 49er offense going to react? Hmm...the Titans are still unproven, at least in my mind, so pick the 49ers. If the Titans screw me over a second consecutive week, I think I'm going to throw up.

Rice: Damn, I altered between Tennessee and San Francisco 3 times before settling on the Titans. Steve Young is the lifeblood of the 49ers, and now that he's down for the count, Tennessee will step up and prove that this season they will make a strong run for the playoffs and championship. Eddie George is extremely solid and sure handed, so therefore, Titans in a close one.

Gerry: If Steve Young were healthy, I'd pick the 49ers handily. But Young is out w/ yet another concussion, and Jeff Garcia will make his first pro start. I think the dark horse Titans will win this game due to their receiving, which has been tremendously underrated by most people. Only rotisserie idiots like me know Yancey Thigpen and Kevin Dyson are the real deal.

kurupt: This is a game of two backup quarterbacks.. so whoever does better gets the victory. Neil O Donnell has proven that he deserves to be a starter, but from the little I've seen of Jeff Garcia in previous games, both QB's are competent. Garcia leads an offense that is already stacked with weapons, so all he has to do is get the ball to his receivers. Sounds easy, but the Oiler/Titan defense is much improved this year. I still go with Garcia over the NFL best Tennessee Titans.

raiderssmall.gif (1530 bytes)  vs  seahawkssmall.gif (866 bytes)
Oakland Raiders @ Seattle Seahawks
Gerry: Seattle
None: Oakland

Rice: Seattle
kurupt: Oakland

None: Damn, what happened to all the LA teams? The Rams look sensational, and the Raiders look like they're a pretty sure bet for a playoff spot. We were thinking of getting the Seahawks to move here too, and they look vastly-improved this year. Damn city. Anyways, take the Raiders. Btw, if you live in Seattle or in the area, listen to the game on the radio. Hear Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton's voice, he's the coolest. "SHOW ME YOUR LIGHTNING BOLT!" Alright, I think I'm gonna sleep now, bye. Raiders' offense look good. Take them.

Rice: Wow! I never expected such a health beating of the Steelers last week by the Seahawks. They have a good balance of offense and defense, just as the Raiders do. However, Oakland is known for fast starts and nosediving later on. Rich Gannon... I think he's a fluke, and he will forever be tied to the status of journeyman. If the Seahawks do their homework and avoid Charles Woodson most of the time, they should pull out a victory at home.

Gerry: The Seahawks are on an upward turn. And it's about freakin time. Their "look good on paper" players are finally starting to show their potential, witness the drubbing of the Steelers last week. Oakland has been ekeing out their victories, thanks to the strength of their defense. The buck stops here, Al Davis! You son of a bitch. (I am bitter for him moving the Raiders out of LA).

kurupt: Being a fan of the Silver and black for who knows how long, I am suckered by their commitment to excellence. Although the Oakland offense is looking a little shaky with Kaufman not showing his breakaway speed to the outside, the defense is good enough for a TD vs anyone. I like Seattle too, as they are not living up to expectations, but i suspect low morale realizing no playoffs this year with no Galloway. Oakland should be in reality 3-0, and 4-0 after this game.

billssmall.gif (830 bytes)  vs  dolphinssmall.gif (1791 bytes)
Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins
Gerry: Miami
None: Miaim

Rice: Buffalo
kurupt: Miami

None: It pains me to pick this game. The Bills go back to Miami in a rematch of last year's divisional playoff game. The Dolphins have a lot of confidence, with victories against the Patriots and the Broncos, and they look great. Remember the old phrase from the early 90s, during the Bills' streak of four consecutive Super Bowls: "The road to the Super Bowl goes through Buffalo." ? Well, this game's in Miami....and I'm sorry. But take the Dolphins.

Rice: Ahhh... upset of the week? I will definitely eat my words for this, but no matter how I twist and turn, I can't get away from picking my Bills. My sense of loyalty is "stronger than oak", and deep inside my heart, I know Buffalo will pull out a tough, tough victory at Miami on a Monday night. And even if they don't?... Well, then that makes me the ass once more! =)

Gerry: I don't know if the Dolphins will buckle as easily to the formidable Buffalo defense as the Philadelphia Eagles did. Miami has traditionally faired well on Monday Nights. Plus Miami is fresh off a bye week of preparation for a crucial division game. I don't think Jimmy Johnson will shoot himself in the foot and lose to the Bills.

kurupt: I picked Miami to go to the Super Bowl before the season began, and it's looking more like reality now. Miami is playing thus well without a real threat running back, imagine when Cecil Collins comes busting through the line this week. I always say Buffalo is overrated, but two weeks in a row I have lost money betting against them. I can't see three upset weeks in a row, so this one goes to the Miami defense.

lionssmall.gif (559 bytes) packerssmall.gif (691 bytes) coltssmall.gif (1927 bytes)
{ Bye week }
None: OVERALL ANALYSIS- Alright, I realize my analysis this week are kinda short, but I'm running out of crap to say. I don't wanna be talking about the same players and stuff each week. I'll try to take it more seriously next week. However, as the season progresses, the picks will be more insightful because we can take a look back at previous performances.

Rice: OVERALL ANALYSIS- Being the inaugural Ass of the Week has really done a number on me. In addition, there is a new found hate within me for the Falcons, Broncos, and Vikings. Especially the Vikings. Hm... a lot of the games this week doesn't seem to be able to stir as much controversy as before, and lots are no brainers (Washington over Carolina, etc...). We shall see!


Gerry's LOCK OF THE WEEK: Seattle -> The Raiders think they're all bad, tied for first in the AFC West. Don't worry, they'll come crashing down this week, and they'll bring all their bandwagoners w/ them. Tyrone Wheatley will stink this week, if he even plays.
None's LOCK OF THE WEEK: Miami ->As if I wanted to add insult to injury, take the Dolphins. I mean, I'll be rooting for the Bills on MNF, but the Dolphins look really, really good.
Rice's LOCK OF THE WEEK: Tampa Bay -> Oh man, I cannot describe how much I hate Minnesota now. The Bucs were the only team that beat the Vikings last year, and they ran amok over their shoddy run defense.
kurupt's LOCK OF THE WEEK: San Francisco -> Garcia leads an offense that is already stacked with weapons, so all he has to do is get the ball to his receivers. Sounds easy, but the Oiler/Titan defense is much improved this year. I still go with Garcia over the NFL best Tennessee Titans.