*D*r*e*a*m* *T*e*a*m* *2004*

(By Gerry Wang)

Dream Team 2004

     This is my first article in a while. Well, not really, but I meant all I do are reviews and lamo updates. Plus that Weird Al song was just a cut and paste job. Would you like me to do more original articles? Stuff like tech that Rice always does? Or should I stick to reviews? Those are much easier. =) And yeah, I know my heading looks really gay. Shut up.

     The point of this article is to reflect on the "Dream Team," or the 12-man wrecking crew that dominates each Olympics. My opinion is that the novelty has worn off. The first Dream Team was every basketball fan's wettest dream. Magic, Michael, Larry, Barkley, Mailman, Admiral, Ewing, Stockton, Pippen, Mullin, Drexler(?) all on the same team. Think about it. The legends of basketball + gay boy Christian Laettner on one unit. That musta been an awesome experience, playing against them. All the foreigners felt honored to be whaled on by the USA.

     But now, it's just a freak show. If you keep track of Rice World, then you'd know what I feel about the Dream Teams nowadays. And you'd know my proposed solution. So scroll down if you missed it the first time. They've said that the 9 NBA players that just won the Tournament of the Americas will be retained, with the 3 collegiate/rookies Brand, Wally World, and Rip Hamilton dropped. What a shame.

     First of all, they got no playing time at all. They were the ones that led the US to gold just a few months ago man. Secondly, Vin Baker sucks now and doesn't deserve his spot. Googs is an iffy selection. Tim Hardaway is such a hog too. The 3 youngest players played with more team spirit than that fat PG The 3 subsequently empty slots will most likely go to Shaq and Grant Hill, and perhaps Allen Iverson. Karl Malone (please no) has also been mentioned.

     Since it appears that the Dream Team concept is here to stay, why not look forward to the 2004 Olympics? I believe they're going to be held in Athens. Not sure. Who cares. How much freakin gymnastics and swimming can one man take.

Here's who I think will comprise Dream Team 2004:

-> Vince Carter- You gotta have him for the highlights

-> Tim Duncan- Big man will be in his prime

-> Chris Webber- Older, wiser, and more of a leader by then

-> Allen Iverson- Will probably be the top PG at the time

-> Shareef Abdur-Rahim- He deserves having the spotlight for once

-> Kobe Bryant- I believe he'll be entering the Jordan phase by 2004

-> Stephon Marbury- He'll be fighting w/ Iverson for PG bragging rights by then

-> Shaquille O'Neal- He can single-handedly manhandle the Croatians

-> Alonzo Mourning- He'll be the grizzled veteran that checks all the young hotheads

-> Kevin Garnett- He's well-loved internationally now, after a brilliant showing in the Tournament

-> Antonio McDyess- Can sub in for a 3 or 4

MANDATORY WHITE GUY: (You think Mullin shoulda made it over Isiah???) -> Jason Williams

*** C'mon people, let's hear your picks for Dream Team 2004!!