The Best & Worst Movies of 1998
(By Gerry Wang)

by Gerry Wang

_____I've taken surveys, and these are the movies the consensus has told me are the best. Of course, I've seen almost all of them, and I have to agree to let it get on my list. The worst list was compiled by me, and I based it on popular opinion as well as critical reviews. If there seems to be hostility from me towards chick flicks, then that's just tough luck.

TOP 10 MOVIES OF 1998:

1.) A BUG'S LIFE- Just a wonderful, wonderful movie. I truly felt the same awe watching it as I felt during Titanic.

2.) SAVING PRIVATE RYAN- One of Steven Spielberg's highest achievements. The ultra-violence chilled me to the bone.

3.) X-FILES: THE MOVIE- Never have I seen a TV show brought to the silver screen so successfully. And it wasn't just a 2 hour episode.

4.) THE TRUMAN SHOW- Jim Carrey successfully crosses over to the drama genre, in one of the most innovative movies of the year.

5.) THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY- The most outrageous, raunchy, and funny films to come along in years.

6.) RONIN- A very low-key action thriller, with the most memorable car chases of the year.

7.) BLADE- The introduction to the next big comic book action hero which will surely result in a Batman-like franchise.

8.) THE MASK OF ZORRO- A stylish, swashbuckling adventure full of charm, wit, and excellent performances.

9.) PLEASANTVILLE- I felt it was more like Pleasant-stench-ville, but the majority of the people enjoyed its morality and nostalgia.

10.) MULAN- Disney's best cartoon since Lion King, Mulan continues the tradition of strong feminist roles in animation.

*Honorable Mention => BABE: PIG IN THE CITY- A rare feat where the sequel actually surpasses the original.

WORST 10 MOVIES OF 1998 (as compiled by solely Gerry)

1.) ARMAGEDDON- The epitome of the rock and roll style of film making at the cost of story and script. Plus it induced dizziness and nausea.

2.) HOPE FLOATS- Chickfest that played more like the Sunday movie of the week about a woman finding her identity again.

3.) PRACTICAL MAGIC- See above. Except this time there is witchcraft involved. Granted, the movie is much better than Charmed, its counterpart on the WB.

4.) GODZILLA- Instead of Size Does Matter, it should have been Plot Does Matter. Makes you miss the old Godzilla.

5.) AIR BUD: GOLDEN RECEIVER- The dog must go. I love dogs, but I refuse the accept the fact that one could turn a pop warner football team into champions.

6.) STEPMOM- Not even out yet, but just the damn trailer pisses me off with its goody goody theme designed to jerk tears from your eyes.

7.) NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY- It was a funny Saturday Night Live skit. But damn, 90 minutes of a guys bobbing their heads? That's torture.

8.) ONE TRUE THING- Enough with this woman feel good stuff. Men have feelings too.

9.) HOLY MAN- Remember that movie that just came out recently with Eddie Murphy in a white robe? No? You don't? Precisely.

10.) WHAT DREAMS MY COME- Boo hoo. Robin Williams is in heaven, now he wants to go to hell to find his wife. Boo hoo.

*Honorable Mention => VERY BAD THINGS- Any movie where Asian hottie Kobe Tai is offed in the beginning has to spell doom for the rest of the movie.