Rice World's 50 Most Beautiful People In The World
(By Gerry Wang)

by Gerry Wang

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen)! It's the most anticipated article to come along in years (ok, days)! It's the 2nd Annual Rice World's 30 (+20) Most Beautiful People article! This hallowed tradition is what put Rice World on the map (yeah right) and has been read by more viewers than any other article in Rice World's history (might be true). I've decided to tack on another 20 slots and about 5 more hours of labor for me. But hey, now PEOPLE ain't got nothing on us.

    And as I said before in the inaugural article, this is a deliberate backlash against PEOPLE magazine for including butt ugly senior citizens and males in their Most Beautiful issue. To correct this travesty, we here at Rice World seek to provide an alternative which, mind you, is free. No $4.95 cover price here.

    So step right up and enjoy the hot chicks! Any seemingly preferential treatment shown by the staff is purely coincidental. I scoured the Net for only good quality pictures with nice, provocative poses. Hope you enjoy. These babes are worthy of every man's attention. They are ranked according to my salivation lust gauge. Meaning that the higher they're ranked, the more I wanna clone them to produce my own collection of sex slaves/concubines.

1. Laetitia Casta
2. Sung Hi Lee
3. Jenny McCarthy
4. Natalie Portman
5. Teri Hatcher
6. Nikki Cox
7. Jennifer Love Hewitt
8. Alyssa Milano
9. Cindy Crawford
10. Salma Hayek
11. Gillian Anderson
12. Denise Richards
13. Shania Twain
14. Jennifer Lopez
15. Heidi Klum
16. Nicole Kidman
17. Julia Roberts
18. Tyra Banks
19. Jeri Ryan
20. Alicia Silverstone
21. Christina Applegate
22. Angie Everhart
23. Tea Leoni
24. Lauren Holly
25. Michelle Pfeiffer
26. Elizabeth Hurley
27. Liv Tyler
28. Kate Winslet
29. Rose McGowan
30. Pamela Anderson
31. Joanna Going
32. Sarah Michelle Gellar
33. Rebecca Romijn
34. Madeleine Stowe
35. Catherine Zeta-Jones
36. Vanessa Williams
37. Courteney Cox
38. Kelly Preston
39. Heather Graham
40. Elle MacPherson
41. Mariah Carey
42. Winona Ryder
43. Neve Campbell
44. Gena Lee Nolin
45. Yasmine Bleeth
46. Julianne Moore
47. Kirsten Dunst
48. Jane March
49. Britney Spears
50. Sharon Stone
51. Me
50-laetitia.jpg (36363 bytes)

Laetitia Casta, the #1 Most Beautiful Person

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