M O R E   M E S S A G E B O A R D   W O E S
7-31-'99 / 01:13.37 P.M.

Damn, I hate hackers.

A R O U N D   T H E    R I C E
7-31-'99 / 01:13.37 P.M.

I'm back! Actually, I didn't go anywhere far this time. As some of you may know, I will soon be a student at the school of which Gerry hails from... UCLA. The past 3 days was a whirlwind tour of the campus and its features, and also for me to pick my schedule. I can honestly say I am looking forward to attending school at UCLA this coming Fall. Especially the T1 line baby! Yeah! Bring on the speed!

P.S. The plan is for my new e-mail address, ewu@ucla.edu, to gradually become my primary method of contact. However, my original e-mail, ericwu@pacbell.net, will still be in use. Please update your address books! Thanks.

P.P.S. Did you know ericwu@ucla.edu was already taken??? Dammit. Oh wells. =)

Can you guys believe it? Barry Sanders is calling it quits! Just barely in his prime, he would be able to break Walter Payton's career rushing yards record if he just hangs on for one more season, two at the very most (barring injury). I actually got this news BEFORE I left, and it was plastered all over the front page of ESPN.com

More baseball/umpire grunt: Remember what I said about how all the umpires are dumping the league and walking out? Well, everything broke down on them and now they're crying to come back to work. Too bad, MLB tells 22 of them to take a hike. Now everyone is whining, and threatening law suits, and hitmen are breaking out their shotguns to take care of business under-ground style. What a cess pool. Look what Major League Baseball has become: a disgrace.

D R E A M   T E A M    2 0 0 4
7-28-'99 / 06:22.69 P.M.

Well, looks like Rice is gonna be gone for a while. Not too long though. But long enough for me to unleash some more mayhem on Rice World. Heh heh. I know Rice will have access to a computer this time around. He just might step in and put a stop to the carnage early this time around. =)

I've just compiled a list of whom I project will be on Dream Team 2004. The 2000 team for the Sydney Summer Olympics is already set. Let's look into the crystal ball. Keep in mind everyone in the NBA will be 4 years older. Click!

In other news:

- THE HAUNTING's review will be up soon. All I gotta do is type it. Yup. Heh heh. Sorry for the wait. I'll give you a preview and say that while the house was spectacular, the movie just didn't satisfy me like I wished it would.

- Should I keep using pictures in all the stuff I write? Do you think it detracts from the text? C'mon guys, I need your opinions. Part of my adaptation to Rice World version 2.0 is that I started including pictures w/ all my reviews. THE MATRIX can be viewed as the "missing link." But I wanna know, do you guys really care if there's pics?

- Runner-up Quote of the Day: Curt Gowdy, describing Dodger First Baseman Wes Parker on TV: "He was originally born in Chicago." (1966)

- Did you know it's legal to duel in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors?

- Gonna beef up the Album Reviews department soon. Got 3 new rap albums. NAS, Ma$e, and Missy Elliott. One is super-phat, one is mediocrely dope, and one just ain't all that fly. Ok, no more talking like a black person. Er, African-American negroid.

- Don't you guys bitch me about "negroid." We Asians are "mongoloids" and white people are "caucasoids." These are real terms. Look it up.

W I N D O W S   M I L L E N I U M
7-25-'99 / 01:39.02 A.M.

Here's some info on the next operating system (OS) working under the Windows 9X back-bone, known as Windows Millenium. Now, don't mistaken this for Windows 2000, because Windows 2000 is the next generation OS developed under the Windows NT back-bone. Windows Millenium heralds the beginning of NT and Windows 9x code integration, and the end of legacy DOS (sniff... my favorite OS of all time...). What that means in English is that Windows Millenium will look pretty much the same as Windows 95/98, but will be much more stable. Microsoft is planning to ship the final product by the 1st quarter of the year 2000.

Intrigued? Got nothing else better to read? Click!

P.S. Message board is hosed again. I'm in the process of bugging Beseen.com on fixing their networking problems through e-mail. You can still view old posts, but just cannot post new ones. Blah... if only FortuneCity.com would allow personal CGI scripts, I would code a more stable message board.

I N S P E C T O R   G A D G E T
7-24-'99 / 06:11.24 A.M.

Ye gods, what am I doing updating at 6 in the morning? Well, anyways, I just pulled an all-nighter to bring you fella's the review for Disney's INSPECTOR GADGET. Well, actually, I threw this article together in about 45 minutes, while spending the rest of the time playing some Quake. Damn, I love summer vacation. Who ever says it's boring and wants to go back to school is outta their minds. Anyway, I digress. Click!

Have you guys heard that new Fastball song? Called "Out of my head"? Damn, I love it. Heh heh... I wonder if this counts as a song of the week. =)

M E S A   L I K E    R E V I E W S
7-23-'99 / 06:39.69 P.M.

Gerry's back with more reading pleasure! I have a THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT review by our favorite Viet gimp Sygyzy and an EYES WIDE SHUT review done by yours truly. I saw both movies, and it turned out Sygyzy's thoughts on BWP echoed mine exactly and I didn't want to waste time typing out a rehash. Click!

However, I felt is was necessary to put some extra effort into my EYES WIDE SHUT review, since it is the "final haunting masterpiece" from the great deceased director Stanley Kubrick. But damn, reviewing this movie was damn tough. Here's what I was able to spit out. Click!

In other news:

- Sung Hi Lee has demolished her competition and won Round 2 of the Rice World Beeotch Contest. New poll will be up this coming week. She joins Jennifer Love Hewitt in the Semi-final round.

- I'm gonna watch THE HAUNTING today. Damn Catherine Zeta-Jones is a babe. Of course, I'll never believe her acting. But we'll see. Review should be coming shortly.

- Rice is gonna watch INSPECTOR GADGET. He'll have a review for that too. Stud.

- I think it was right to bury JFK Jr. at sea. There, he can remain forever anonymous, out of the public eye forever. But the good thing is that everyone died on impact, and there was no suffering. Rest in peace.

- Team USA is walloping their competition as usual. Somehow this kinda diminishes the integrity of the Olympics. It's more like a race for the Silver Medal now. I think there should be a rule where you're only allowed like 3 NBA players and the rest must be collegiate or amateur. What do you think? That way we get to see how Kevin Garnett and Kobe woulda played had they gone to college.

- Why do LA baseball teams suck despite their talent? Why? Why? The Dodgers appeared to have bought their way into the playoffs, yet they suck. The Angels spent money in the off-season and they suck too. Damn it.

- I'm Gerry Wang, and that's news to me.

N E T S C A P E    -->   i P L A N E T   ? ?
7-22-'99 / 11:35.13 P.M.

Saw this over at PC World News. Here's a snippet. Click to see the rest:

Netscape, the brand name that was once synonymous with the Internet with its spinning celestial "N" logo, will very quickly be dropped from the once high-flying company's many server and Internet-application products.

The 100-day-old Sun-Netscape Alliance, the triumvirate resulting from America Online's purchase of Netscape Communications and simultaneous alliance with Sun Microsystems, will drop the name "Netscape" in favor of "iPlanet" on most of its products, alliance officials announced this week.

iPlanet??! What kind of name is that?? Sounds like a Burger Kings kids meal or something. Oh well, looks like Microsoft really put the smack down with the Internet Explorer.

Well, they found the bodies of JFK Jr. and gang. Looks like he's as dead as anyone can be. Rest in peace John-John. God Bless.

A N   A M E R I C A N    T R A G E D Y
7-18-'99 / 07:15.51 P.M.

England had Princess Di, and we had John F. Kennedy Jr.... and then there was none.

In one fell swoop, both amazingly stunning public figures have passed away forever in the lives of their admirers. Is the Kennedy family cursed? Are they destined to suffer? As the intensive search & rescue results grew darker, investigators have slowly shifted their goals to search and recover. Although no definite results have been logged, theory and probability works against the survival of Kennedy and the Bessettes.

Now, all that America and the rest of the world can do is pray. Pray for the safety of JFK Jr., pray for the turn out of any concrete evidence, and pray that the curse that has befallen the Kennedys will remove itself from the closest thing our country could identify as... royalty.

T E C H   Q U I C K I E . . .
7-16-'99 / 03:55.27 A.M.

Just as a little addon to the video card article...
The current crop of cards (3rd generation) aren't truly "next gen". Instead, they act as placeholders for the true next generation video cards. 3dfx code named theirs Voodoo 4K, NVidia dubs it as the NV10. These chips supposedly bring true hardware support for transformation and lighting (T&L) which also will be supported in DirectX 7. Yikes!

So basically, for those of you that want the MOST updated video cards that won't need updating for a while (3 years or more), hold onto your cash and wait for the 4th generation. That promises to be truly something. The voodoo3 is just a voodoo2 and a voodoo banshee combined together clocked higher, the TNT2 is just the TNT clocked higher + tweaked pipeline, etc...

AMD... lost bigtime this fiscal quarter not only financially (big loss), but also internally as their President resigned. Ooh, bad news AMD. Especially on the eve of the release of their K7. Oh by the way, better stop calling the K7 as K7. It's now known as the Athlon. The AMD Athlon processor. Ack, sounds like an Olympic Event or something. I know it's gonna be hard converting. I'm still having trouble with Katmai --> Pentium III.

Speaking of the K7.. crap... I mean, the Athlon, preliminary reports tells us that we ought to actually believe the hype this time. Those few lucky bastards that run hardcore hardware sites got to play with the K7... ahh.. I mean, Athlon, and tried it out on Quake 3. Quoting the well known sCary of the Shugashack, "The Athlon seriously HAUL'S ASS..." and "For the highest FPS in your 3D gaming, grab the new Athlon when it comes out".

Anand from AnandTech also hints at serious Pentium beatdowns when the Athlon is released. Damn, I can't wait. Intel is totally monopolizing the market, both high end (Xeons) and low end (Celerons). I hope AMD can put some more competition in this stale market. One of their very bad problems is shipping and motherboard support. The chip supposedly supports the new Slot-A format, and motherboard manufacturers gotta get their ass in gear to engineer them for AMD. Shipping wise, AMD has been awful, never delivering on time their K6-3. Can they rock the boat this time? Cross your fingers. If they do, it means competition and even cheaper hardware in the future for us end-users. Yes! This is the time to be alive!!!

I'm raving like a loony. I need some sleep.
Until next time, cheers! =)

S U M M E R   I S    M A L A R I A   S E A S O N
7-15-'99 / 03:25.69 A.M.

Ok, once Rice started spouting off scientific blasphemy regarding the taxonomy of bears, I knew I had to step in and do some updates. As we, and Rice, know, all species are classified as such because of specific and unique synapromorphies that distinguish them from all the rest of the Animal Kingdom. Excuse Rice. He's gone mad. He had a Bio AP experience, which should be blamed for turning him against Scientific Fact.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be pulling out quotes from this book of sports quips each time I do an update. The one up at the top of the page is one of my favorites. You need to think twice about it. Heh heh.

Anyways, the point I am doing this update is to introduce the Rice World Bitch Contest #2!! I am trying to get a bracket done, so everything looks nice. Just like the NCAAs. But unfortunately I am a twit when it comes to cyber-art. Can someone help me out? I've asked some people already, and will consider all proposals.

For now, here is the Rice World Bitch Contest #2. The winner of #1 was Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has already secured a spot in the semifinals. This is like the World Cup. Cool huh? Notice that I called it the "Beeotch" Contest, thereby utilizing another devious loophole my twisted mind found. Ok, enough with this patting myself on the back. Vote, people!

-=Rice World Beeotch Contest=-

Babe Contest #2- ROUND 1

Cindy Crawford
Sung Hi Lee
Pamela Anderson
Jennifer Lopez
Christina Applegate

In other news:

- I decided to tack on my SOUTH PARK review w/ Kansur's. I was trying to navigate Sygyzy's site when I felt this sudden pain in the gluteals due to its loading speed. So Click!

- Was I the only one who appreciated Brandi Chastain's strip show? Now if only all female athletes would do the same after a victory. Excluding the WNBA of course. Ugly hoes.

- More X-Men casting: Jim Caviezel (THIN RED LINE) as Cyclops, Maria Bello (PAYBACK) as Jean Grey. Bello ain't even a redhead. They better dye her hair.

- Rumors about Episode II: Gabriel Byrne (USUAL SUSPECTS) supposedly had talks with Lucas. Plus there is a rumor that Darth Maul will return in multiple clone forms w/ different colors. I highly doubt this.

- Anyone see AMERICAN PIE yet? I saw it for a 3rd time and I still cramped up from laughing so much. They edited out some of the more raunchy sex talk, but the gags and plot pretty much remained the same. Side-splitting hilarious.

- Have you noticed a darker turn in the movies? First there's BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, then monster movies LAKE PLACID and DEEP BLUE SEA, and there are the ghost movies STIR OF ECHOES and SIXTH SENSE. There is also SLEEPY HOLLOW, coming out in Thanksgiving. Oh yeah, and STIGMATA and END OF DAYS, both about Satan and the Anti-christ and the Apocalypse. Damn, now I'm depressed. Better watch AMERICAN PIE again.

- THAT 70's SHOW is back with all-new episodes. Mondays at 8PM on Fox. Great show! Clap clap

- You know, I think this summer I am reading more than I read during school. That includes studying. I got Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is like 1,000+ pages, plus Polgara the Sorceress by David & Leigh Eddings. Anyone read these? We can start a forum about it.

- I know me and Rice are Fantasy book fans. And there's gotta be more of you out there. I own every Eddings book and I've read them all at least 5-6 times. It's never the same each time I reread them. It was only last last year that I grudgingly started reading Feist's books. I gotta say they're pretty good, but I hate the parallel story structure.

- Put down the Playboys and go read a real book. Expand your vocabulary. Ya deadbeats. =)

- Does anyone want to start an Anti-Fry's web site? I hate the service there. Goddamn I never come out that f*cking place in a good mood. The people there are the laziest bunch of jerkoffs I've ever seen. They pretend to be busy by talking to another co-worker, ignoring the thousands of customers searching for that elusive item that's on sale.

- What's worse is that Fry's delibrately hides the stuff that's on sale, and doesn't even bother to label it. So you're wandering around, wondering where the right item is in that goddamn maze. You want to ask an associate, but he's too much of an assholeciate. You're better off leaving bread crumbs or something.

- Damn I hate them. If it wasn't for their 99 cent CDRs I'd piss all over the walls of the building. Ok, I'm gonna calm down. F*cking Fry's got me all riled up............. mumble............ drive so freakin far only to find out they sold out of their shit.......... mumble.............

- Oh well, what am I doing up at 4 AM anyways.

Lates --> Gerry

D A W G   D A Y S    O F   S U M M E R
7-14-'99 / 03:20.31 P.M.

Ya gotta love it. Some of us whittle the time away online (guilty as charged), some nap during the day while party at night. The bottom line is... NO SCHOOL!! You know how everyone is "boo hoo" on the last day of school, "sign my yearbook" this, "take a picture with me" that... I'd just like to re-iterate that summer absolutely rawks! Yeah!

Here's something to think about while you tan yourself in the UV-loaded sun rays: Us humans are Homo Sapiens, which include blacks, asians, whites, etc... right? So dig this, why are polar bears and grizzley bears and black bears etc. all have their own species? I mean, is it fair to judge a bear by the color of his fur?? This isn't racist, this is worse... this is specie-cist!

Okay, that was lame.

Did y'all watch the Major League Baseball all-star game? Me neither. All-star games have really sucked these few years. Boston Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez struck out five out of six batters he faced. That man is a monster... like Sandy Koufax reborn, except Koufax isn't dead yet. The fun part was the Home-Run derby, in which Ken Griffey Jr. won again. However, the attention was all on Mark McGwire, as he hit a record THIRTEEN home runs in round-one. Half of them travelled, like, 500 feet or something. Total, he hit more than a mile of homeruns. Damn. That man's also a monster.

Pedro's still the scarier monster. He struck out McGwire and won the game's MVP award. =)

By the way, the American League won. Does it even matter anymore??

V I D E O   C A R D    R O U N D - U P . . .
7-13-'99 / 11:10.33 P.M.

... is finally up! It took me nearly 2 hours to format and publish this article, but now it's complete and I'm quite proud of it. It's like two articles in one, a lesson on 3D cards and also a comprehensive buyer's guide for those thinking of upgrading. As usual, feedback and comments are greatly appreciated. Click!

A M E R I C A ' S   T E A M
7-10-'99 / 09:03.17 P.M.

Move over Dallas Cowboys drug dealers (Heh heh, poking fun at Gerry's favorite team), the U.S. Women's Soccer team is the new America's Team! After an exhausting 120 minutes of regulation ending in a 0-0 tie, the U.S. out-shot China in penalty kicks 5-4 to win the World Cup. Yeah, baby! Let the celebrations begin!!

world-cup-99-women-mia.jpg (25721 bytes) world-cup-99-women-celebrate.jpg (20796 bytes)
Mia Hamm, all-time leading goal scorer and team's cover girl. Celebration after winning it all!
world-cup-99-women-cup.jpg (23901 bytes) world-cup-99-women-brandi.jpg (11910 bytes)

Team U.S.A. lifts winning trophy!

Brandi Chastain after scoring the winning kick.

Q U I E T --A S  A --P I N --D R O P
7-09-'99 / 11:10.33 P.M.

Wow, it's been so quiet lately around Rice World. Is this the hibernation period, or is this when everyone is going on vacation? Hm...

Anyway, I just thought I ought to rear my ugly head once in a while here just to show you'all i'm not dead yet.

They recently published the top 50 most popular commercials of all time. #1 was Apple computer's David vs. Goliath commercial aired only once, during the Super Bowl. What the heck? I say the Budweiser frogs! Yeah! Bud-Why-Zer... Heh heh.

Remember the long-promised console article? I'm still bugging the crap out of Cruise to finish it, but he's taking an unusually long time. It'd better kick ass, or I'm gonna kick HIS ass... =)

Have you heard? ADSL finally has a standard set. Excellent! We can all soon discard our lowly modems into the trash and utilize high speed low ping internet access. It took a while, though. Reminded me of the v.90 standard for the 56k modem that also took forever to set. Sheesh! Can't they just sit down for a few hours and crank out a quick standard?

Have you guys played KINGPIN: LIFE OF CRIME on the PC yet? Damn, that game is seriously rated R. Every guy you talk to calls you a muthaf*cka, and every other guy tries to put a cap in you while yelling muthaf*cka. Pretty fun though. Nice graphics, if you have a system with enough power to run it.

Damn it's been real hot down here in SoCal lately. Last time while playing basketball I nearly fainted from heat stroke. Of course, it didn't help that I decided to play at 1 in the afternoon. Anyways, that's what you get for living here in Los Angeles. However, it was freakin' snowing up there in Canada. Wacko weather now-a-days. Damn El Nino.

So yeah... That's all I can think up as of right now. Cheers. =)

P S E U D O - S O N G  O F   T H E  W E E K
7-05-'99 / 10:44.69 P.M.

Guess who's back............ tis me, the Fallen One, Gerry. Ok, I know this really ain't a song of the week. You can't d/l anything. You can just see the lyrics. But if you search the Net hard enough, I'm sure you can find copies of the new Weird Al Yankovic song "The Saga Begins," a parody of Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace set to the music of "American Pie" by Don McLean. Weird Al proves once again he is a lyrical genius.

Don't worry, this is not outrageous or explicit. If you know Weird Al's music then you'd know what I mean. It's all supposed to be in good humor. So here it is. Click!

Oh yeah, if you didn't catch my posting in the message board (and I know most you guys are afraid to go near it, judging by the overwhelming amount of new postings)....... I also wrote a SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, & UNCUT review, published on Sygyzy's site. Go there after you read Kansur's. It seems we had a psychic connection because not only did we both love the movie to death, we also gave the same stars! =)

www.geocities.com/area51/8171 and it's in the "Reviews" page. Thanks!

S O U T H --P A R K --R E V I E W . . .
7-05-'99 / 11:50.55 A.M.

... is up in the "Reviews" section. This baby's written by Kansur this time, because he's the biggest friggin' Southpark fan I know. Click!

Well, I hope all of y'all had a good 4th of July. I actually got to set off $8 worth of fireworks! First time in my life! Yeah, I need to get out more... But damn, there was a lot of smoke coming out of those fireworks. Environmentalists are going to be all over us. Heh heh...

Saw Austin Powers 2 over the weekend. Can't say it sucked, cuz it made me laugh pretty damn hard. My favorite part was the reference to the... erm... penis ship. Those who saw it know what I'm talking about. Hahaha.... The rest of the jokes were mostly re-hashes of the older funnies in the first episode. The "zip-it" thing was a little tiring, but otherwise, they were still funny. Man, Mike Myers is the most talented comedian on this side of the galaxy. "I want my baby back baby back baby back... ribs!"

Yeah! U.S. Women's Soccer rocks! We're playing the finals against China, so go U.S.! Mia Hamm's kinda cute in a rugged sort of way. Did you guys know she made People magazine's 50 most beautiful people in 1997?

I got something to say about Tim Duncan. That guy reminds me of a taller version and more successful (championship wise) Grant Hill. What ever happened to him anyway? Oh well. Back to the point, Duncan is a very smooth and mature basketball player, and really went out there every night to bang all he can and to do his job. I don't know how much he makes a year, but he certainly isn't whining about salary or any bull like other immature rookies. The funny thing is that he wasn't even looking for spotlight, but at the end, he got it anyway. That should be a lesson to flashy players that are looking for their own highlights on ESPN every night. If you just work hard and nail down the fundamentals, you'll get your fame and glory... even if you didn't want it!