X - M E N
6-15-'99 / 10:30.69 A.M.

Check this out. The teaser poster to the X-Men movie. Sweeeeet........

-- Gerry

xmenadvance.jpg (23841 bytes)

L I N K --O F --T H E --D A Y
6-13-'99 / 08:45.51 P.M.

You know this rules: Click!

M O V I E --C R I T I C S
6-12-'99 / 11:28.31 P.M.

I think I know why the critics are so harsh on so many movies lately. It seems like lately out of 50 movies, the critics only give A scores to 1 of them. That's pretty pathetic. Take MrShowBiz for example. A very respectable website dealing with entertainment and what-not. They've complied a Top-100 movies of all time list, similar to what the American Film Institute has done. Out of their top 100 list, only SEVEN have been produced in the 90's, with NONE in the top 25! The highest, Pulp Fiction, lands at #39. All of the other decades came in with at least THIRTEEN in the top 100, with the 70's decking out at EIGHTEEN. Why is that?? Have the quality of movies really degraded that much??? Do movies in the 1930's really beat out what we have today?? Do we just plain SUCK now or what?

I went back and watched GONE WITH THE WIND on one of the pirated VCD's from Taiwan. I swear if I didn't have twigs holding up my eyelids I would've fallen asleep after the first half hour of the movie. Personally, I can't understand how these movies can beat out BRAVEHEART or THE ROCK or MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING. Even WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING was more interesting than those movies. My hypothesis is that the critics are all living off of social security and suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. They yearn for the good ol' days, the OG movies that made the industry what it is today. So much that it has clouded their judgement of whether a movie was good or not. I honestly believe LAWRENCE OF ARABIA is still their bar of excellence for an Action movie. C'mon man!!! Sheesh! They claim actors back then were full of drama and flair. I guess speaking in a monotone voice was what made them hip?

The point I'm trying to make is that I think critics need to get a life. If they haven't noticed, the world is no longer in black and white. While I agree that many movies seriously need more work, there are still much more that are entertaining and fun to watch. Please, movie critics, don't be full of yourself as you blab away on how so-and-so movie sucked and this-and-that movie ruled back when you were a kid, etc... I'm sick of the fluff reviews I've been reading lately. They can go shove it up their nose and other various body cavities.......

N B A --F I N A L S
6-12-'99 / 02:16.37 P.M.

Wow, this is excellent! New York Knicks put the smack-down on Indiana in the 6th game in the Eastern Conference championships to advance to the NBA finals. Who would've thought huh? They're the first 8th seed team to reach the finals! They claim Patrick Ewing made them promise to win him a ring after he got injured. It seems to me Indiana had the talent and organization, but New York had heart to pull the upset. Congrats New York!

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
6-09-'99 / 10:55.52 P.M.

I'd like to make a quick apology to everyone. Truth to tell, I've been a little lazy, now that school year is winding down (Friday is last day for us seniors!!!). A few insignificant finals that won't really change my grade left, and that's about it. I'll also be going off to Canada in late June, so there'll be a stagnant period where I hope Gerry may be able to pick up the slack (if he feels like it, and if he has something to say, etc...). Once Friday comes, I'll have a few articles lined up for the summer. The long-promised console article is still under construction by Cruise. I'll write together a quick video card roundup to sort out all the hoopla between TNT2 and Voodoo3 and Savage4, etc... so yeah. There. Summer plans. =)

By the way, Gerry leaves his beloved dorm and T1 line next Friday... FOREVER! So the Song of the Week will once again be discontinued. The current links will only function until next Friday, so please download in haste if you have not. It seems like the Song of the Week was destined to be an on and off thing. Sorta like Dennis Rodman.

Seems like the big thing in the industry lately is VCD's, or Video CD's. That's how Gerry is able to watch the American Pie before it even comes out in the theatre. Punk with the super-fast ethernet connection can download gigs of software so many times faster than us slow modem users. Heh heh... Well anyway, VCD's are sort of like compressed video, even though they're still freakin' huge (1.x gigs per 2/3 hour movie).

That's it for now. Cheers.

A M E R I C A N --P I E
6-09-'99 / 19:58.69 P.M.

Gerry here. Doing my last update in a while. I have finals soon. Hell, I had an early one today. So I will once again fade from public view, and may or many not resurface in the summer. Depends if I have anything to say. Well, it seems I always have something to say, right? =)

Ok, I know some of you guys are horny toads. Well, to satisfy your raging libido, watch AMERICAN PIE when it comes out on July 9th. I saw a pre-release print of it in MPG format. Read my review. Click!

I love them pirates. I even have a pretty good version of THE PHANTOM MENACE. 1.3 gigs! The picture is clear but dark, and the sound ain't that great, but it's a million times better than my previous version. That one was so shaky that I got nauseous.

In other news (focusing on the NBA):

- Marcus Camby is a monster. Why the hell didn't Van Gundy play him more in the regular season??? Musta been hustling all of us.

- Aw damn, the WNBA is about to start. I hate women's basketball. It's so slow, so trodding, so turnover prone. It's how not to play basketball.

- Who's gonna be the first pick in the 1999 NBA Draft? I'm guessing the Bulls will take Lamar Odom. They need a Chris Webber type to build around.

Next is Vancouver. I'll say they take Elton Brand. Actually, Vancouver needs more than a draft pick to improve. I think they might give this pick to Detroit and trade down. Their positions at PG, SG, SF are solid, and even the C is decent. Only weakness is PF and the bench. And Elton is probably the best PF in the draft............. or should they go for depth and trade the pick and stick w/ Tony Massenburg? Tough choice.....

Charlotte will take Wally World or Steve Francis. They were so lucky to get this pick. Only like a 1% chance! Almost as outrageous as Orlando getting the number 1 two years in a row.

The next pick, the Clippers, is one confusing one. So many choices. I think they'll go w/ Baron Davis. He's an LA boy and he's willing to play for them. Plus the Clippers are in love w/ Baron's fiery style and leadership.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Toronto. Damn this team has potential. I think they'll get a big man or a PG. Andre Miller is still available. Wally World could still be there too. Damn the Raptors will rock next year...

- Tim Hardaway should not have made 2nd team All-NBA. 3rd team for sure. Get John Stockton the f*ck outta there. Little pansy white boy. Vince Carter should been the other guard on the 2nd team w/ Gary Payton.

A R O U N D --T H E --G E R R Y
6-07-'99 / 00:22.69 P.M.

I love this self-exaltation. It's great.

It seems our beloved Rice is stuck doing a paper tonight. Tsk tsk. Well, I shouldn't talk because I usually start at 2 AM the same day it's due. But I've perfected it. I get either A- or B+ on all the crap I write. First draft too! No proofreading! The worst thing to happen to the youth of America is that green squiggly line that corrects grammar in Word. That thing sucks.

So...... any of you playing Utopia? Please respond in the MSG Board. The RACKS alliance is gradually starting  to form......... Despite my reputation for backstabbing, please notify me if you are indeed participating in this round of Utopia.

Did you guys see any of the French Open? I happen to enjoy a little tennis occasionally. I wanted Pete to win so bad, but Andre Agassi woulda been my second choice. Go Americans!

If it was anyone else but Graf playing against Hingis, my favorite women's tennis player, I would be booing and hissing. But Graf just might be the greatest women's tennis player of all time, and I really enjoyed seeing her leave the sport on a good note. Her 22nd motherfreakin Grand Slam title!!!!

Am I the only one who think Hingis is better looking than Kournikova? A tad more chunky, but I don't like super skinny girls.......

Hey guys! I'm selling an Ethernet card!!! You'll all need one for college. One card and a 10 foot cord for the low price of $12.95!!! Buy now and I will even dust if off for you.

THE PHANTOM MENACE's box office is starting to sag. C'mon folks. We gotta go for that 3rd or 4th round...... TITANIC is going down!

Damn the Spurs are too freakin good. They will romp through the Playoffs. Portland looked hopelessly overmatched. New York has no big man to stop Duncan and The Admiral. Indiana has the better chance, but ultimately the Spurs would overpower them...... Indiana can't close out games........

Let's see, what else is going on in sports. Baseball. Looks like it's interleague time. I think this is a good idea. Rivalries can be revisited, old players can return to their old ballparks.......... but the bad part is that only a select few maintain or improve their stats. Most of the time interleague play drags down a player's average and production.

But there are those players like Pedro Martinez. That guy..... damn he's good............. it must be a daunting task just not striking out. It's all intimidation. He can't possible throw THAT hard w/ that skinny bone build of his.

The two biggest pitching disappointments to me: Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine. I think they really are  caught up in the "chicks dig the long ball" thing.

Guess what? Arizona has bought themselves a playoff-caliber team. But this time there won't be a firesale of all its players, ala Florida Marlins, since the Diamondbacks are freakin loaded w/ dough. Plus they are getting overachieving seasons from all their players. Look at Jay Bell!!! Luis Gonzalez!!! Those guys rock........

Enough baseball. I still harbor a resentment to baseball, traced back to my Little League days when I got beaned all the time.

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
6-04-'99 / 06:45.33 P.M.

Alright Gerry, get a grip on yourself (no pun intended)...

As you can plainly see, I have allowed Gerry to update the front news section whenever he gets the urge now (pun intended... heh heh, j/k). Anyway, that would mean the "Gerry Rant Section" will be no longer needed, since my Senior Staff Writer has grown up and learned HTML on his own. I'm not sure what his new position is now, Intern Editor-in-Chief (no pun intended) or something... whatever. =)

I would like to take this section to welcome Sygyzy, a.k.a. Fizzle a.k.a. Jizzle, etc... He's one of Gerry's friends, and fills the much-needed Gaming Review section of Rice World. Welcome!

Links to the ENTRAPMENT and the MUMMY reviews are officially up in the "Reviews" section. So is Fizzle's ALIEN VS. PREDATOR review. Click, click and click! Oh, and I mustn't forget the debut album of the new Album Review section: Millenium, by Backstreet Boys. If you're like me and puke at the mere mention of N'Sync or Backstreet Boys, I was pleasently surprised by the song "I Want it That Way" in the Millenium album. I don't believe that I've enjoyed a smooth jam song like this once since 98 Degree's Invisible Man two years ago. Click!

By the way, I finally got my Wingman Gaming Mouse. I love this baby. 'nuff said. =)

I M P E R I A L   D E C R E E   # 2
6-04-'99 / 12:15.69 P.M.

Gerry here again....

I would like to announce that we have a guest writer, named Sygyzy or something, but we shall just call him Fizzle like I do. Or Jizzle. Whatever you call him, it always means semen. Oh man, Rice is gonna be so pissed off once he sees my blurbs.

Anyways, Sygyzy will be reviewing games mostly. He's already done an Aliens vs. Predator review, so look for it soon. I think his next article will be MechWarrior 3. Whatever the game, I'm sure you all will like his super technical jargon-ed articles. Of course, I tend to disagree w/ just about all his assessments of the games he gets from me, but I still find myself enjoying his blind joy for shitty games.

His official title is EEEE. This stands for Electronic Entertainment Evaluation Engineer. He thought of this all by himself. He's the kookiest Viet dude I know.

In other news:

- When I wrote the NBA Preview article, I told Rice my predictions for the Finals would be the Lakers vs. Knicks, with the Lakers winning it all. Isn't strange that the Knicks now have a much better chance at the title than the Lakers? Who woulda thought. But I never doubted their abilities. I knew they'd get to the Finals. Just gotta beat Indiana. C'mon Spree baby!

- Since most of you will be attending college this fall, let me give you some words of advice.     1.) Study    2.) Go to class   3.) Buy a pair of warmups. Everyone has them.

- Do you know which movie I'm anticipating most, now that TPM already came? Nope, not AUSTIN POWERS, although I'll watch that for sure. I'm most eagerly await THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. This is supposed to be the spookiest, scariest movie to come along in years.

- I love summer time. This is when all the blockbuster movies come out. This summer is loaded w/  potential as well. Besides the aforementioned movies, there's:

EYES WIDE SHUT- starring Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, directed by Stanley Kubrick. This is supposed to be filled w/ hot sex. Excellent!

BIG DADDY- Adam Sandler raises a kid. Enough said.

WILD WILD WEST- My interest in this movie went up, among my other things that went up, when I found Salma Hayek was gonna be in it. Check out the cover of PREMIERE.......oh baby......

Click to see the blown-up buttocks! =)

LAKE PLACID-  Loch Ness monster type movie

DEEP BLUE SEA- Jaws ripoff

TARZAN- looks neat.... but Disney's losing their mojo. I don't have the urge to watch their shit anymore.

T H E   R E I G N   O F --G E R R Y --B E G I N S --! ! ! ! !
6-04-'99 / 00:27.69 A.M.

Long have I waited for this opportunity. The chance to usurp Rice has finally arrived! Long have I toiled in his shadows. Long have a slaved away in his staff writer dungeon. No more.

Today, I announce a new ruler of Rice World! It is I, Gerry Wang! A new dynasty begins. The WU-Tang Clan has been exiled to the Outworld. The Wang dynasty has been installed. All shall suffer my reign of terror.

My first act to punish the Rice World denizens is a review of "Millenium," the Backstreet Boys' record-breaking sophomore album. Ha haha ha! Click!

Hmm. What shall my next punishment be? Perhaps there will be an article on the wonders of US History!!!

Ok. Legit stuff now. I  have an Entrapment review and a review of The Mummy. I realize these came kinda late, but hey, most of my brain cells went to the Phantom Menace review, and I needed sufficient time to recover.

Damn I love that Greg Maddux/Tom Glavine commercial. So damn funny. That E-Trade commercial where that guy refreshes his screen is pretty good too. I watch too much TV.

I'm gonna go watch so more TV now. I shall return tomorrow!