L E W I S --V . S . --H O L Y F I E L D
3-14-99 / 20:19:18

There's been a lot of controversy over this, hasn't there? Lotsa people are saying Lennox Lewis got cheated of his Heavyweight crown of undisputed champion. This bout was supposed to unify the 3 heavy weight belts, but it ended up in a unsatisfying draw.

Personally, I didn't see the match, but damn, so much controversy brewing over this. First, Holyfield claims he will knock out Lewis in the 3rd round, yet the stats show Lewis DOMINATED the match. Someone give me some input on this? Boxing is one helluva corrupt sport huh? Gambling, rigged matches, even paying off judges! Hehe... ah, I never liked boxing much anyway. All the upper cuts and big punches hardly ever happen. That's why I watch ROCKY and WCW wrestling. =)

D A I K A T A N A --D E M O
3-14-99 / 20:19:18

... is finally released!! And I thought it was going to be some kind of vaporware, like Rebel Boat Rocker's product.

"Rice, what the hell is Daikatana anyways?" Well, if you take a literal translation, it means "Big Knife". If you're Asian, Dai- is sorta like BIG, you know? And then we all know what a -KATANA is. Daikatana is a 3D-shooter which uses the Quake II engine that... well... Quake II uses. It is being developed by ION Storm and the legendary John Romero. That's the fella' responsible for all the Doom games, and the original Quake. If you've kept up with industry news, you'd know that ION Storm's been having some internal disrest, but hell, I don't give a flying monkey as long as they deliver their product to the consumers.

Anyways, the demo is released, and if you have a good computer, (Pentium II class and above), give it a whirl. There's a catch, though. It's a multiplayer only demo, so that means you hafta play it on MPlayer.com. Or you can just do what I did (since my computer's too cheap to handle Daikatana with multiplayer), run around the level admiring the design and graphics, which aren't as bad as I thought they were going to be. Some nice effects, such as falling rain and stuff. Looks fun... can't wait until it's published! Click!

P.S. You know it's a John Romero game if you can rocket-jump 4 stories high. =)

N E W --S T A R --W A R S --T R A I L E R
3-11-99 / 22:10:13

This needs no explaination, the new Star Wars prequel the Phantom Menace is to be released in theatres sometime in May. A few months ago, we were blessed with the first trailer, which was first glimpsed at the crappy movie MEET JOE BLACK. A while before it was released to the theatres, however, the trailer was let loose on the internet. Now, the second trailer is to be unleashed in the movie WING COMMANDER, and as usual, the trailer has been released on the internet first. This will require some downloading (26 megs worth), but if it's as half as good as the original trailer, it's definitely worth it.

Here's a quick link to it: http://starwars.apple.com/quicktime/trailers/fox/episode-i/trailer_b/menace_480.mov

The server is very likely to be busy with rabid Star Wars fans clamoring all over the 'net in search of a copy, so... if you're not getting a response, keep trying! Trust me, the trailer is WORTH YOUR DOWNLOAD!

G E R R Y ' S --R E S I G N A T I O N
3-10-99 / 19:46:26

I'm sorry things have come to this state. However, after receiving a couple of e-mails from Fortune City, as well as Beseen.com (messageboard server), I have no choice but to either remove Gerry from the staff or encourage him to retire. If you are not a regular message board visitor, his resignation letter was posted to the public earlier:

Dear Rice Worlders,

     Rather than accept public humiliation and banishment, I
have chosen to resign my position as Senior Staff Writer.

     It has been a fun few months, and I have to admit I
actually cared enough about you guys that I tried to be as real
as possible. What you read was the true Gerry, not a Gerry that
pretends to be someone he's not.

     I don't blame Rice for his tyranny. No, it was my fault
for pushing the wrong buttons. But I won't apologize for what
I've done. I spoke my mind, and that is a God-given right we all
have, that our forefathers died in battle to bring us.

     And so, here begins a new era of Rice World, one that is
chaste and censored. Perhaps this dystopian outlook will not
come true. Perhaps it will become a liberal forum like the
Internet was originally intended to be. We'll see. Don't stop
fighting the Reign of Terror!

     This is Gerry, ex-Senior Staff Writer signing off......


On a brighter note, I have an unknown person who has made contact with me anonymously that hs expressed interest in a job at Rice World. Let's hope he has the ability to fill the shoes that Gerry has left empty.

P.S. Good luck to Gerry with the rest of his college career. I hope this does not damage our friendship in any way.

L I N K --O F --T H E --D A Y
3-7-99 / 22:56:43


Oh, and a new week of brainless rants from Gerry is up again. Click!

N I S S A N --A L T I M A S
3-7-99 / 22:56:43

Is it just me, or is it every other Nissan Altima that I see on the road has their trunk logo flipped up? You know what I'm talking about? The Nissan Altima logo that is plastered over the trunk, and you have to flip it up to stick the key in there. Ugh! I can't stand it, makes me want to jump out of my car and flip down that logo. =P

C L I P P E R S --S U C K
3-7-99 / 22:56:43

'Nuff said...

P O R T L A N D --T R A I L B L A Z E R S
3-7-99 / 22:56:43

Wow, they're good! Who'd figure at the beginning of the season that they would have the BEST RECORD IN THE NBA right now? They just beat down the star-studded Houston Rockets by FORTY points! I love these cinderella under-dawg teams in sports. I always root for them to win and school the all-stars. =)

Speaking of good... can anybody beat the Duke Blue Devils? They're starting to look like the New York Yankees of NCAA Basketball! They managed to annihilate the North Carolina Tar Heels (ACC champs for the last two years) in the ACC Tourney WITHOUT Trajen Langdon. Freaky...