L E W I N S K Y --I N T E R V I E W
3-4-99 / 22:18:08

How many of you saw the Lewinsky interview last night on 20/20 with Barbara Walters? Geeze, I am sick up the arse over this entire affair. What's so damn interesting about Monica admitting that she had "sexual relations" with the President? That's old news! So what if she was pregnant, got an abortion, all while she was in the middle of an affair with Clinton? We don't care!

Hehe, but I watched most of it anyway... like the other hundred million Americans that tuned in. Poor 60 minutes on CBS must have had a ZERO rating yesterday. =)

You do realize that Monica is going to cash in hard-core thanks to all this publicity of her book right? 3 million smackers... wow! Yeah, that's the secret to get rich if you're in tight spot... show your thong to the President, get his semen on your dress, and go get interviewed by 20/20. Assuming you're a female, of course.... although there may be a slight chance.... hm... blah, never mind. =)

L . A . --C L I P P E R S
3-4-99 / 22:18:08

Have the Clippers won yet? Last I checked they were 0-14... If that doesn't spell pathetic, I don't know what does. I bet my brother's 6th grade team could give them a run for their money.

Sad, yes, I know... maybe I shouldn't bag on the Clippers so much, I mean, they are technically professional players, and they KNOW they suck. They must feel like crap everyday in the locker rooms, thinking... "Another one down the drain... Gawddamn we suck nads!"

It's so easy to sit back at home, watch them get pounded on T.V., and laugh at their inept skills. Kind of sad, to think about it. What if you were in that situation? You know your team sucks, and you know people are laughing at you... sad...

Soooo, let's try to be optimistic. I mean, they are one of the L.A. teams... it's a sorry sight to see people attend Clipper games to cheer on the opponents. Wasn't it a couple of years ago the Clippers made the playoffs and almost knocked Houston out of the 1st round?

W I N D O W S --C R A S H E S . . .
3-2-99 / 21:25:28

Here's a quick quiz/challenge/dare for everyone out there owning an either MS Windows 95 or 98. How many has left their computers on for 47.5 straight days?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Who's crazy enough to leave their computers on running Windows 9x for 50 straight days anyway? Well, why the weird 47.5? Because Microsoft has just recently learned of an obscure bug that CRASHES your computer if you leave it on for... well... 47.5 days.

Hrmm, go figure. Click! News scoop shamelessly stolen from Thresh's Firingsquad. =)

By the way, go check out Gerry's new Song of the Week. I actually gagged a bit, and hesitated to put it up, but hey, what the hell, right?

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
2-28-99 / 01:03:00

Gerry's Weekly Rant is up. He has decided to trash his HTML attempt, so back to traditonal Rice World Articles format. =) Click!

My Pentium III and Voodoo 3 article is also up. Spent a while on it, so go check it out! Thanks to Cruise and Wisdom for providing some benchmarks. Click!

Gerry also whipped up an Oscars preview, where he predicted the winners, and the people who were snubbed in nominations. Click!

*Yawn*... enjoy... I'm too tired to type up more shmuck.

P E N T I U M --A N D --V O O D O O --I I I ' S
2-24-99 / 20:50:32

Hubba hubba, can you feel the power?

I'm in the process of working on an article that summarizes the pro's and con's of both products, and of course, a simple buyer's guide for you end users so you don't go out, blow a huge wad of dough, only to realize 1. you got ripped off and/or 2. a new and better product came out soon after.

To quickly summarize it for you, the Pentium III will debut at 450, and 500 MHz on February 28th. 3Dfx's voodoo 3 graphics card comes in three flavors... the cheap voodoo 3 - 2000, the bigger brother voodoo 3 - 3000, and the big cheese voodoo 3 - 3500... it is yet unconfirmed whether or not the voodoo 3 - 4000 will be released.

Thinking about upgrading? Don't lift a finger until I publish this article!

Rice World is THE place for hot chicks and hot chips. Yeah baby!

L I V E . . .
2-24-99 / 00:59:13

... "Lightning Crashes" is the new song of the week. Head towards the "Articles" section, and pig out. You know you want to. Click!

By the way, watch for Gerry's new "Rant" page, forthcoming with all the insane thoughts from his membrane. When it's up, it will also mark the his first voyage into the land of HTML... sorta like watching your own child take his first step. *sniff* How sentimental...

S I C K --O F --' R O U N D I N G --T H E --R I C E
2-19-99 / 01:41:37

More articles, more fun! Kansur may have been voted out of "Song of the Week" circulation, but he's not out yet. Kansur comes back with a guest article on the state of the brand new Nintendo 64 emulator, UltraHLE. Check out all the fun with this click!

And what's an update without Gerry's name pasted all over the place? This man cranks out articles faster than our President cranks out... erm... you get the point. This time, Gerry introduces us to the top, exciting NCAA basketball players out there, including players from Duke, UConn, etc... Get ready for March Madness! Click!

Do I sound like an advertisement or what? Gotta lay off channel surfing for Budwieser commercials now. Hehe... "Who's joor Daddy?" *slap!*

A R O U N D --M O R E --R I C E
2-19-99 / 01:41:37

It's 1 a.m. and I'm updating Rice World instead of finishing up my homework assignments. Am I hardworking and diligent or what? =)

Anyway, up in the "Reviews" section is the brand, spankin' new reviews of Kevin Coster's Message in a Bottle, and Mel Gibson's Payback. The former written by good ol' Gerry (learning HTML!), and the latter written by none other than my ugly self. Read 'em, dice 'em, and enjoy your stay. Click, click. (Hey, double-click!)

Watch for Kansur's N64 emulation article, and Gerry's NCAA March-Madness player highlights... forthcoming next update. *suspensful musical tune plays in the backgrond*

B R A I N - L E S S --T H O U G H T S
2-19-99 / 01:41:37

Is it just me, or is it the fact that all drive-thru cashiers are required to speak at about twice the speed of any normal person? I can never catch the price they tell you to pay when you drive up to the first window, so I usually piss them off and ask them what my total is again and proceed to dig through my wallet for 5 minutes looking for the correct change.

"Sprint PCS has the nation's only 100% digital, 100% PCS network, built from the ground up." Hm... so what the hell does that mean? I see their ad all the time, and that's all they ever say. I've even went up to a Sprint PCS booth in the mall and asked for their info. They told me the same thing, and so did their pamphlet. What's with the hype? Is PCS really that good? What the hell does PCS stand for anyway? Hmph!

I'm grouchy... I'm going to bed. =P

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
2-15-99 / 21:09:57

Ugh... busy busy...

Only have time to shove up Gerry's debut Song of the Week. Warning, parental discretion advised! I have tried to censor it as much as I can without losing the "flavor" of the song itself. Of course, the song is pretty damn funny if you think about it. So what's the song? Check it out in the "Articles" section. Click!

More later... Watch for the Mel Gibson's Payback review, and the updated "About Me", which will include Gerry's profile and Kansur's (now retired after a brief, yet positive stint on Rice World).