F O R T U N E C I T Y --= --B L E C H ! !
2-10-99 / 22:24:13


After a harrowing experience with the FortuneCity server, Rice World is finally back online. Please spread the word out to your friends, I have spent no little time sorting though all the messages asking, "What happened to your site?".

In short, on the first day of the outage, FortuneCity told me they were undergoing "server upgrade". Bullcrap, I say... but I had no choice but to wait.

On the second day of the outage, FortuneCity told me they were having "difficulties" in stabalizing the new server and have all their "engineers" working "around the clock". Engineers my butt... more like Cub Scouts!

On the last day of the outage, I nearly lost my temper. FortuneCity told me they had a "million-in-one simultaneous double hardware failure", and that only "a small minority of citizens" had all their files deleted. Well, guess what? Rice World was completely obliterated. Those damned Cub Scouts!!

After agonizing over the re-upload of more than 300 files to the server, we have returned. I swear to the soul of the World Wide Web that with one more server glitch I'm packin' the bags and re-locating to Xoom.

Hear that, FortuneCity? =)

N B A --P R E V I E W
2-3-99 / 20:42:32

Be prepared for a the Big Mac of all articles... the double-quarter pounder, the double whopper, the NINE-FOOT sub! (Can you tell I'm hungry?)

Once again, big props go to Gerry for going out of his way for making this article come true. It won't be a disappointment to all you NBA fans out there, because Gerry's been analyzing the NBA ever since he was old enough to sit shotgun in his mom's car. Think of this edition as "Poor Richard's" Sports Illustrated NBA preview, from none other than our very own ol' nitty-gritty raunchy senior staff writer.

Without further ado... click!

* Quick P.S. for those non-basketball fans that might not take interest in the NBA...


- Gerry's Web Poll -

Should Gerry Do A Hostile Takeover of the Song of the Week?

Yes! Let him provide the audience with awesome MP3s!
No! We love how Kansur makes us wait.

M I S C . --T H O U G H T S
2-1-99 / 21:21:31

Ohh man, I so much wanted the Falcons to win the Big Game! Elway and the Broncos have too much skill. Ah well, congratulations to Denver. =)

Hey Leo, we're tied! *raise hands in triumph* Check this out:

S U P E R --S U N D A Y
1-31-99 / 14:05:57

Yee haw! This is the big one baby!! This is the event in which all people can enjoy. Non-sports fans can enjoy the entertaining commercials (this is the only TV event which commercials are highly touted), and women can enjoy the half-time show... ahh yes, life on supersunday is good.

What?? You don't watch the super bowl?? YOU'RE A GIRL!!!


A R T I C L E S --F I N A L L Y --U P !
1-30-99 / 16:08:15

Yes, I've noticed... I've been neglecting my Rice World duties again. =P

I have some more goodies lined up for you guys... the articles on the previous update are up finally! Sorry for taking so long in publishing it. Been bit by the lazy bug, a.k.a. senioritis. Argh I can't stand any kind of work! =)

What are you waiting for? Click (Thin Red Line)! Click (Top 10 unknown beauties)!

Watch for a new "About Me" section, with info's on not only me, but the rest of the staff as well. Until next update... cheers.

W T F --I S --R I C E ? ?
1-24-99 / 12:38:27

The "W" stands for a "Where" this time, instead of the traditional "What"... just to avoid any confusion when you read the topic sentence. =)

Anyways, I'm going to spew some excuse at you for not updating, and you're gonna have to accept it. 'Cause I'm gonna stick with that excuse...

All of you who are in school, High School or College, can smell this time of the year.... FINALS! Isn't that a great word? That word will determine the grade you get for this Semester/Quarter. Oh, no pressure there. Sooo... by preparing for the finals, I have been neglecting my duties as webmaster. Please ignore the fact that I never study and I watch T.V. all day, because that is besides the fact I am trying to send across now. I... uh... am studying... yeah... hard for my finals... *cough*... so... uhm... that's why.... yeah... I'm not... uh... updating.... *cough* *choke* *gag*.

Dammit. Okay, I've been slacking off. Sorry, sheesh! You just had to push me to this extent didn't you?

P.S. I think I'm a little insane in the membrane right now. Excuse my mindless rants... but since I am webmaster and you're not, you will listen to every damn word I have to say.... Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer, anybody?

P.P.S. Gerry has a crapload of articles backlogged to be published by lazy ol' me. Look for the Thin Red Line review and top ten beauties that are NOT constantly in the lime-light. For sure, they will be posted tomorrow at the latest.


I N T E L ' S --N E W --C E L E R I E S
1-24-99 / 12:38:27

366 and 400 MHz's. What a dandy! =)

For those unfamiliar with the celerons (a.k.a. celery), they're the "supposedly" lower-class pentiums that Intel puts out. However, due to insane computer geniuses out there that like to mess with clock rate multipliers and FSB speeds, the celeries are actually... BUFF-ASS computer chips!!!

It's a new trend... called Overclocking. What those mad scientists have figured out in their spare time was that the Celerons are awesome overclockers. When the 300A celery came out, it was capable of OC'ing to 450 MHz... Geez lady, that's fast! Oh, and check out the prices: a 300A celery costs $60 bucks, while a true-blue 450 costs $400 bucks! Now in my book, that's a winner.

So what about the new 366's and 400's?

The 366 has a 65% success rate of going up to 550 MHz! While the 400 has a 85% success rate of going up to 500 MHz... not a shabby speed. The price? A quarter of the price of a regular true-blue 450 MHz... with performance that beats out the more expensive big brother.

Woooooo gimme one of those, mama!

G A M E --O F --T H E --Y E A R . . .
1-24-99 / 12:38:27

... is revealed on Gamespot! Is it Baldur's Gate? Is it Half-Life? Is it Grim Fandango? Is it Starcraft? Ahhh! I can't stand the pressure of knowing! TELL ME ALREADY YOU BASTARD!!!!!!


A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
1-18-99 / 14:54:54

Been wondering why the Songs of the Week weren't working? Wonder no more... why? 'Cause they work now. Go download! =)

I put up my review of Shakespeare in Love... check it out in the Reviews section.

Working on a brand new "About Me" section... but this time will include staff members of Rice World, not just me.

That's it folks. =)