G O --S A M M Y --G O ! ! !
09-13-98 / 15:42:54

Most Valuable Player in the National League? Sammy Sosa, without a doubt. But wait, isn't Mark McGwire also in the National League? Oh yeah, but today, Sammy Sosa slammed two home runs OVER Wrigley Field to tie McGwire for the lead with 62 homers. In addition, Sosa has more Runs Batted In, a higher batting average, and is leading his team to the playoffs. Needless to say, Sosa's 62nd was under considerably less pressure, since McGwire has already broken the age old record a couple of days ago. Still, in my opinion, Sammy Sosa deserves more attention than this. When I first heard of his 62nd, I hopped over to ESPN.com and I found... a picture?! No AVI's and only one article without included pictures. When McGwire hit his 62nd, it was utter pandemonium, with a cesspool of audio and video reports, and a mad frenzy of reporters fighting to get quotes from the man himself. Now Sosa has tied him, and I doubt half of the fans who followed McGwire know about this very hard to accomplish achievement by the Cubs' outfielder. You know what? Go Sammy Go!!!

K E N N E T H --S T A R R ' S --R E P O R T . . .
09-11-98 / 22:39:12

... is online! View everything the independent counel had to say about President Clinton. It is quite a read. 400+ pages. Fortunately, there is a very neat and organized table of contents for the users to sift through it to look for what they want. To impeach, or not to impeach; that is the decision congress must make. Click!

09-10-98 / 23:03:29

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me-ee, happy birthday to me-eeeee!!! Okay, I must admit that was slightly overbearing on my part, but I couldn't help it. =)

Besides, nothing much has happened today that was worth noting. The McGwire celebration continues, PC games that are under development are still under development. And I'm still swamped with a homework load that's sure to increase as time goes by. =(

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
09-09-98 / 22:13:21

School (a.k.a. Demon's Delight; a.k.a. 666) has begun. Since I had to write an article on McGwire's 62nd home run and what I would have done if I had reclaimed the ball, I decided to post it here also for your reading enjoyment (or torture). Scoop your way to the "Articles" section to dig in on what I had to say.

Quake 2 released yet another patch, hitching it up to v3.19 now (it was v3.05 when the game was first released). Download is roughly 3 megs for the v3.17 --> v3.19 update. Quite a lot larger for the full patch. Due to the size, I was unable to post a local copy. So sorry. So head on over here to fork it. The file name is q2-319-x86.exe for the update, and q2-319-x86-full-ctf.exe for the big kahuna. Be patient. If your browser spits out a "server does not recognize blah blah", it basically means the site has to many people on it already. It's quite busy.

*SIGH* Back to studying. Devil's minion #1 fires up a quiz on chapter 1 for tomorrow. Better not fail, for punishment is to share a flame-filled hell-hole with Bill Clinton. =)

H O M E --R U N --# 6 2 --! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
09-08-98 / 20:33:09

What a day for the U.S.A., where baseball was first made famous. Today, in the afternoon, against the Chicago Cub's Steve Trachsel, St. Louis's own Mark McGwire hooked a 340 feet home run just fair from the left field foul pole. It was his shortest out of all 62 home runs, but it was the most important of all. As he rounded the bases, Busche stadium turned into brilliant white as the bulbs of the flashes on the camera went off unceasingly in the record sell-out crowd, each person trying to capture a moment of baseball history into their Kodak. This was simply one of the most beautiful moments I've ever witnessed, as McGwire hugged and hopped his way around the diamond. Tears flowed unashamedly on many players around the nation as they watched the live broadcast, and fans of all ages salute the most prolific power hitter to play the game since Babe Ruth. We salute you, McGwire, for revitalizing the baseball spirit, which will always be our national pasttime.

As always, the "Files" section provids you with a local copy of McGwire's 62nd. Here's your chance to keep a part of baseball history in your harddrive, and when you turn 70 years old, you can tell your grandson that I saw Mark McGwire's 62nd homerun in the season he hit it. =)


W I N A M P --V 2 . 0
09-08-98 / 15:35:37

Nullsoft released version 2.0 of its highly popular windows media player WinAMP early today. If you've never heard of MP3's, you ought to be smacked upside the head! Basically it is an MPEG, utilizing layer-3 compression unique ONLY to audio. Very effecient at reducing CD-Quality .wav files down to acceptable size. WinAMP's snazzy graphical user interfaces (including customizable "skins") made it the #1 MP3 player by a long shot since summer of '97. The next closest competition comes from Unreal Audio Player and the new Windows Media Player. The new v2.0 of WinAMP features support for .wav's, .mod's, .xm's, .it's, .s3m's, and .voc's. Remember the days when Mod-4-Win ran the digital audio scene with the MOD's and XM's? =)

Nullsoft claims v2.0 features an entirely new set of codes built from the ground up, completely different from previous versions. The familar interface is still intact, so users should have no problem running it. Skins of previous versions are also compatible. Hop to the "Files" section to grab the new shareware version locally and avoid the heavy traffic. =)

M C G W I R E ' S --6 1 S T
09-07-98 / 14:10:57

'Nuff said. Mark McGwire ties Roger Maris with his 61 dinger today against the Chicago Cubs. Head on over to the "Files" section and indulge yourself with the AVI of his record-tying blast. ESPN.com features a very solid round-up, in addition to numerous articles on both McGwire and Sosa. Click!

M O R E --F O R T U N E C I T Y --W O E S
09-07-98 / 14:10:57

FortuneCity.com's network seems to be slightly jammed at this moment... again! They ought to fix it up soon, and patch it so it doesn't occur as often. What I'm getting when I try to access it is a very blunt "Document contains no data" error in Navigator, and "Server returned an unrecognized response" in Internet Explorer. =\

Well, if you're reading this, it obviously works now.
I'm just shooting my mouth off here... =)

4 . 0 --G I G A B Y T E --H A R D D R I V E
09-07-98 / 14:10:57

In desperate need for that last 100 megs for the full install of PC-Version of Need For Speed 3? Best Buys is offering up a bowl of a deal, with a 4 gig Western Digital harddrive for $160 along with a $30 rebate. In addition to all those goodies, they claim they will mail you a merchandise check good for $100 dollars towards any purchase at Best Buys. Lesse... $30 + $100 = $130... $160 - $130 = ... $30 !!!! =)

Saw this over at The Silicon Edge.

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
09-07-98 / 14:10:49

Check it out! "Files" section is up and running with some useful utils that you might want to look into. Played around with Dune 2000 this weekend, and steamed up a review in the "Review" section, full with screenshots! "Archive" now holds last week's updates if you missed 'em, go dig 'em up to see. All I'm missing now are articles, and that should be coming soon, provide that I have the time to cook up a decent one. Chow down! =)