S P O R T S --W O R L D --H E A T I N G --U P
09-05-98 / 19:28:25

Mark McGwire continues his bull-run at Roger Maris's 61 with his own 60th homer today against the Cincinnati Reds at Busch Stadium (Cardinal's home stadium). My bet is that he'll finish the season with over 65 homers. If I was McGwire, I would take 3 days off right after I hit #62. I can only imagine the pressure he's carrying around on his shoulders right now. On a side note, Sammy Sosa also broke the NL record for homers in a season with his 57th (The same amount McGwire surpassed a couple of days ago).

College football also just began. Most top teams managed to escape upsets (Nebraska, Florida, and Tennessee) with one exception. #5 Michigan was thumped by #24 Notre Dame 36-20. Notre Dame (not the hunchback, the college!), as you may know, lost one of its greatest coaches, Lou Holtz, to retirement last season, and the dwindling team dropped an uncharacteristic 6 games last season, putting them far beyond the reach of the top 10. It's nice to see them bounce back after a bad season with new coach Bob Davies. Have you ever seen the movie "Rudy"? Notre Dame was the team that Rudy played for in the film...

NFL kicks off tomorrow morning with its first games of the season! Teams to watch for include the Vikings and the Bucaneers, who will most probably rise up to challenge the Packers for NFC supremacy. The usual suspects in the AFC remain the Steelers, Broncos, and Patriots. The Oilers led by "Air" McNair could be a surprising team, and so could the Jets, coached by none other than Bill Parcells himself.

A little update to yesterday's (or today's early morning) update, the Titanic I saw at Price Costco at City of Industry carried it for $14.95, and just today, I saw the Price Costco of Alhambra carrying it for $16.99. Funny how prices fluctuate from store to store, even though they're the same company. =)

T I T A N I C --M A N I A
09-05-98 / 03:17:38

With James Cameron's Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet coming out on video cassette Tuesday, September 1st, I saw some interesting prices. Most stores carry it for $19.95 to $19.99 range (what's the difference?!), including Best Buys, etc... However, Price Costco carries it for a meager $14.95, I believe, and if you do the math, you come out with a $5.00 saving! That's not even the best part! Spree.com is offering the Titanic video for $19.75 WITH a $10 discount! Whip out those mental calculators, and you'll see you can cry about Titanic all over again for only $9.75!! I'm not sure when it ends, so hurry!

Click here to buy the only video cassette where you can see Leonardo DiCaprio trying to shed tears while freezing his arse off. =)

Personally, I thought Titanic lacked major substance. If you disagree with me, go post your reasonings on the Message Board. =)

I. E. --S E C U R I T Y --F L A W
09-04-98 / 23:45:03

Microsoft recently discovered YET another security flaw in its Internet Explorer software, this time involving cross frame navigate security. Whatever that means. =) You can snag the fix here. It's on the right hand column under "What's New".

I'm a Netscape Navigator fan. It has caused me much fewer crashes than I.E. and handles advanced HTML very smoothly. Make no mistake, though I'm not a fanatic follower, like some cults who hold secret meetings every night under the sewers and pledge their lives to the utter destruction of I.E. =) Internet Explorer is a fine product, and I use it occationally, since its load-up time is a notch faster than Netscape's.

[[ "I can't wait for school to start either." -- Nonamous ]]

Jeeze! Anyone else eager to lose their summer vacation? =) Anyways, head on over to the message board, because according to Nonamous, he has tacked on the beginnings of a very "intelligent" discussion. =)

S T O P --M O V I N G --A R O U N D ! ! !
09-04-98 / 02:15:32

Moved again! I'm back at FortuneCity once more. Reason is because this place supports Mail Forms. =) Try it. Click on "Contact" and instead of E-Mailing directly, just simply fill out a form.

I tried to hack it through Xoom, but FortuneCity spat an error page back in my face, so I thought, what the heck, I'm moving back. I nuked the Chat Room anyhow, so I don't need Xoom anymore. =)

As always, http://welcome.to/rice.world/ still works. Maybe I'll move back to Xoom tomorrow night. Haha... J/K

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
09-03-98 / 22:17:10

[[ "Get a better quote!" -- Beagle ]]

Hahaha... You crack me up dude. =)

Ripped down the chat room, because it's pretty much a useless piece of junk sitting there. If you want to chat, use ICQ or AIM. It's much more convinient than that pile of java. In its place is a brand, spankin' new message board thanks to BeSeen.com. Bad thing is since I'm not using frames, the side bar will not be present in the message area because BeSeen requires you to access the HTML from their website.

"Links" are up too! I'll be adding to it when new and interesting sites pop up. Revised the "Contact" so it's a mail-form tag instead of direct E-Mail as I realize many people may not know their own e-mail address (hint, hint: Juno & Hotmail users).

Stay tuned for my first review: Summer of '98

V O O D O O ˛ --G U I D E
09-03-98 / 12:34:21

Tom's Hardware Guide steamed up a nice hot bowl of Voodoo˛ review for your viewing appetite. For those who are wondering what the hell a Voodoo˛ is, it's a cutting-edge, high-end graphics card that produces the damn fastest 3D you'll ever see on your computer. Sure sounds like a barbie doll where funky long-haired witch doctors that hide out in public restrooms sticking needles in sensitive places huh? =)

By the way, chat room's working again. =)
Looks like I'm going to stay at Xoom for a while...

M A R K --M C G W I R E
09-03-98 / 02:23:51

Oh my... Big Mac clubbed two more dingers against the Marlins Wednesday, bringing him up to 59 home runs.


He only needs 3 more to shatter baseball's sexiest record.

Maris hit 61 in 1961... 37 years ago. It took him 590 at bats. The previous record was set by Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat himself, in 1927. Ruth swatted 60 homers in 540 at bats. That means it took Maris 50 extra at bats to hit that one extra homer to crack the record.

McGwire is on pace for 68 homers. As of Wednesday, he has smacked 59 balls out of the park... in 436 at bats only!!!!! But wait. don't forget to tack on that little asterisk, indicating Androstenedione, the testosterone enhancing drug McGwire takes to "... maintain strength ..."

If you're curious, Sosa has 56 homers, which took him 548 at bats to accomplish. McGwire, would you sign my Andro... uh.. Andro... uh... Muscle stuff?

Stats taken from ESPNet SportsZone

X O O M --V. S. --F O R T U N E --C I T Y
09-03-98 / 01:06:29

The pro's of Fortune City: 20 megs of free space
The con's of Fortune City: No CGI support, long address

The pro's of Xoom: Short address, chat room support
The con's of Xoom: 11 megs of free space, no CGI.

And Xoom's chat application is puking up some very funky "network disconnected" error onto the screen. The "battle" between these two are very if-fy in my opinion. I made the switch from Fortune City to Xoom just a couple of hours ago. Oh, and before I neglect to mention, Xoom allows you to create your own subdirectories, while Fortune City makes you dump everything in one folder. Messy...

We'll see what happens. I might switch back. Just remember http://welcome.to/rice.world/ and you'll be fine. =)

M E S S A G E---B O A R D---W O E S
09-02-98 / 20:49:55

This sucks. I'm having trouble finding a place, correction: a place for free (since GeoPlus allows CGI, but GeoPlus costs money too), where it would allow my CGI-based WWWBoard script.

Ahhh, screw it. Too much hassle anyways. =)

Fortune City reeks! I'm off to Xoom. They give free chat rooms there. =)

There! Changed it to a chat room. With ICQ and AOL IM dominating the chat scene, I don't know how much good this chat room'll do. But I feel better setting up a substitute for the message board than just tearing it down and leave a hole. =)

B E A G L E . . . D U D E . . .
09-02-98 / 19:06:35

[[ "God! I want school to start now!" -- Beagle ]]

Hey man... you got serious problems dude. j/k... It earned you the quote of the day though! =)

School starts for us September 9th, by the way. Damn, I still have to finish my Biology...

W E L C O M E ! !
09-02-98 / 18:38:40

Hey look! I'm about half done with my site. Still have to put up the "Links", and "Msg Board". Archive will develop as time passes by. Articles will be written whenever I feel like it. Hey, or you can submit one of your articles here to be posted also. Files will come along as well. Message board is going to be a pain... I wonder if Fortune City supports CGI script anyways. Oh hmm, a little introduction is in order, I guess. You can call me Rice. =)