'T I S --N E W --Y E A R S --E V E . . . ?
12-31-98 / 21:09:11

Expecting another religious rant on my part? ... Not tonight, 'cause tonight We'll Party Like It's Nineteen Ninety Nine! Only 3 more hours until the ball drops from that tower thingy in New York's Time Square. Nearly half a million people will be in attendance... talk about heavy duty hard core confetti that's gonna be left over... exactly the reason why new year's eve is the most hated day of street sweepers.

Technically, it's new years already at Times Square, since Rice World headquarters is located in sunny ol' Southern California. So, erm... to you East Coast'ers... Happy New Year!

So how 'bout that Y2K bug... think we can solve it by the year 2000? That's only a year away now... scary stuff, considering that it might be our Armageddon. People are sellin' their houses and movin' down to Nuclear test sites such as New Mexico and crap... haha.. funny stuff. David Letterman from the CBS Late Show claims that it's gonna make his toaster oven explode. =)

Hey, tonight's an excuse to drink that expensive champange your Dad keeps in the basement all the time and never allows anyone to touch.

Cups together fella's; here's to a bigger and better Rice World in 1999!

M O M --& --D A D
12-29-98 / 19:08:21

Ya can't live without 'em, but hell... you can't live with 'em either!

F A N T A S Y --S P O R T S
12-29-98 / 19:08:21

Here's a tip: if you're going to play fantasy sports, you shouldn't play for the first 3 weeks, then ignore the rest of the season, only to realize during the last two weeks you've dropped around 2000 places. ... like me. =)

Ended up somewhere around the 4000's... outta 14000 though...

N F L --P L A Y O F F --P I C T U R E
12-29-98 / 19:08:21

Woo baby! Playoff time! Broncos-Vikings Superbowl? Maybe Jets-Falcons?

Hell, why not Buffalo-Dallas one more time?! Hehehe... Enjoy the chart... =)

'T I S --C H R I S T M A S --E V E
12-24-98 / 13:22:46

Yes... it's been a while since an update, but hey, laziness is redefined when a holiday rolls around. Fortunately, I feel enough guilt that I have returned, and happy to announce loads and loads of news have happened lately, in all genre's: sports, computers, politics, you name it. Before you scroll down to indulge, hear me out...

What do the holidays mean to everyone anyways? For my younger audience, it would definitely be the presents and the atmosphere of Santa Clause and the big pretty Christmas trees. For the more cynical teenagers / young adults, it's the time to catch up on sleep yet stay up partying at a friend's house until 3 a.m. anyway. For the working adults, it would most likely be the time when a vacation is "not a vacation". Cooking big dinners, rushing in and out of malls and various Targets and K-Marts for gifts to wrap for collegues and relatives... all that amounts to a hard-core migrane. For the retired, and the ones enjoying their last few years on this wonderful planet, it would be the time of joy and fun... not unlike the younger years. Then of course there is the grateful view that God has allowed them to live such a long and enjoyable life. Yes indeed, CHRISTMAS has a different meaning to all Americans.

I hate to sound like a typical cliché, but what the hell, right? =)

Do you believe in magic? Any kind of magic... witchcraft and devil worshippers included (just kidding!). The keyword in that phrase is 'believe'. It's easy to say stuff like, "no such proof of magic", but then again, why does it require proof? I believe in magic... I believe in miracles... but hey, I also believe in extraterrestrials. To me, proof is not the most important thing in the world... belief is. Christmas is the time of magic... because it was during Christmas that Jesus Christ was born.

Wait! Stop! I'm going into the grounds of religion! Flash the red lights and honk your emergency horns!

You don't believe in God, do you? You don't believe in all the "Jesus Christ was born via virgin Mary" shmuck do you? You don't believe in Heaven and Hell and sin, and all that good stuff do you?


You don't... believe...

That's all it is. Belief. Christianity is in belief. Disregard all the complicated Catholic / Protestant / whatchamacallit shmuck. It comes down to belief. When people ask me what kind of a Christian I am, I reply, "I believe in Jesus." Simple as that. Has it made an impact on my life? Yes. How? In all ways. When I'm lost, when I'm afraid, when I'm depressed, when I'm sunk in self-pity, when I'm in denial, when I'm angry, when I don't know what to do with my life... I believe. I open my heart and I believe. I don't need proof, I don't want proof, I don't want facts and data... I just want to believe. Kneel down and talk to him. Tell him your troubles, ask for his guidance. God is there for you, God will take care of you... all is well, God believes in you.

Christmas is a time of magic... a time of belief. Life is magic... love is magic... a joyous heart is the makings of magic... Do you believe? If you believe, if you sincerely believe... He will be there. Jesus died for you, died for me, died for Bill Clinton.... even died for Saddam Hussein. He was born on Christmas to die for all of us, even for us non-believers. You don't believe? It doesn't matter... He believes in you, and will never give up on you.

This is magic... this is Christmas to us all. May you and all others find your true heart and spirit. Open them up and BELIEVE!

Happy Holidays, from all of us at Rice World!

P R I N C E --O F --E G Y P T
12-24-98 / 13:22:46

... is new up in the Reviews section, and my oh my, is it one hell of a comprehensive one. Here's a little tidbit:

I want to urge all you people out there to watch the PRINCE OF EGYPT. Not only is its story one that should be a part of our lives, it represents the next step in animation. It is the forerunner of mixing traditional animation and computer genereated graphics to produce a solid, congruous epic. It raises the bar of standards. Competition for Disney will only force it to churn out better products, and this is good for all of us consumers.

In addition there are some unwanted rant in there you may want to filter out.... such as:

I used to think Meg Ryan was a cutie, but after seeing her face all juxtaposed, she gets bumped down a few notches.

Oh what the heck... Click!

C H R I S T M A S --T U N E
12-19-98 / 00:27:40

Welp, cleaned up the "Files" section a bit. Looks like no one really wants the McGwire home run files, and the winamp version's a bit outdated so I hiked it up to v2.05...

Have a hotmail account? Sick of logging onto www.hotmail.com only to find out your mailbox full of junk mail / unimportant shmuck? Have no fear... Hotmail Notify by Cyber-Info is here! This little nifty freeware program allows you to check your annoying Web-based Hotmail account right off your desktop! Now available in the "Files" section for quick and easy download.... Damn I sound like a bloody commercial. =)

Now I offer up one of my favorite classics... MODS! For newbies, mods were THE hot items before MP3's rolled around. They are basically instrumentals (no lyrics) composed by various hobbyists. Some are very good at what they do... and here on Rice World's very own "Files" section is one that will fit in your holiday spirit perfectly. Don't leave without downloading DECEMBER, composed by NECROS / LD. Oh, and if you're wondering what the heck to do with the file, you can play it with Winamp versions 2.0 and above, also available in the "Files" section. Enjoy...

C L I N T O N --I M P E A C H E D
12-19-98 / 00:27:40

Yeah! 2 outta 4 articles of impeachment passed in the House of Representatives... now his fate lies in the hands of the Senate.

Too bad it's unlikely he will be removed from office though. Boy, the Republicans will get a hit when the election of 2000 comes around.

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
12-18-98 / 00:34:45

Erm... check out the last Song of the Week by Kansur...
*sniff* All my staff writers are getting lives! =)

An additional staff writer has been inducted into Rice World! Cruise (Renny Chang) debuts with a brand spankin' new Heretic II review in the "Reviews" section. Go check out what this new game from Raven / Activision is all about.

By the way, from out of nowhere but the vast blue sky...
I'm really looking forward to Dreamworks' PRINCE OF EGYPT. Did you see the awesome effects? The parting of the sea is probably THE most majestic scene I have ever seen in ANY movie, not just animated flicks. Wow! I can't wait to watch this.

Get ready, the new Volkswagons are coming.
Haha, I love those commercials... =)

B Y E --B Y E --B A G H D A D
12-18-98 / 00:34:45

Wow, it's been 20 years since I last updated! Okay, make that 5 days...

Look what Clinton is up to now... he's about to get impeached and he's blaming Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

I hate Iraq with the best of them. I personally think we ought to just kill Saddam Hussein the good ol' way... Assassins / Secret Agents. The world could use the peace. =)

However, this is a BAD time to pull this publicity stunt for Mr. President. All of the news networks are jumping all over his exposed ass (no pun intended), and I agree. The House postponed their impeachment vote by 48 hours for this...

Now the citizens of poor Baghdad are licking their wounds and retreating from the raining missles.... while Saddam Hussein is kicking back in his palace without a worry. Please, stop this senseless bombing. The poor people of Iraq are just trying to survive... go send 007 to take out the administration!