N F L --R E F E R E E S
11-29-98 / 18:42:27

... need some serious help. For those of you that watched the New England / Buffalo game today, you would agree (provided that you're not a New England fan, of course). Buffalo was leading 21-17 with about 10 seconds left as Drew Bledsoe launched a hail mary into the end zone. Terry Glenn, the receiver, dropped the ball... as the clock ran out! Then those bonehead referees threw their ugly yellow flag and called pass interference on the Buffalo defense!!!!

Pass interference?!?! Glenn dropped the ball! The surrounding defenders did nothing that indicated pass interference!!! Hey refs! Get some glasses! Bring back instant replay!!


Of course I wouldn't be nearly as upset if Buffalo had won. That moronic call cost Buffalo the game... the game that they were supposed to win!

C R A Z Y --O V E R --S . U . V . ' S
11-28-98 / 20:34:52

Quick, what type of vehicle is America's favorite?!

If you said sedans or minivans, you're wrong. Right now, America is hot over those over-hyped Sports Utility Vehicles, which I kinda find silly. I'm not sure what people see in these monsters, because it certainly isn't gas-friendly. Perhaps it's the size. We as a nation has always loved something BIG. We have a BIG country, half of our citizens are BIG as in weight wise. Sort of makes sense that we'd drive BIG cars huh?

Recently a group of engineers conducted a safety test on these suckers. Most of them came in below average in crash tests! Who would've thought? Aren't BIG cars supposed to be more crash-resistent? Oh well...

By the way, the top performer in that test was the Subaru Forester. Not the Explorer, Grand Cherokee, or Suburban... but the Forester! Sort of makes you wonder if that'll boost their sales a bit...

R I C E ' S --N F L --P I C K S
11-27-98 / 17:17:15

Ahh man, football's too great a sport to be left untouched in Rice World this Thanksgiving weekend. Just today, Texas Longhorn's Ricky Williams broke Tony Dorsett's all time NCAA ruching record with 6,200+ yards. In addition, the Longhorns upset the 6th ranked A&M Aggies 26-24 as the icing on the cake. Sweet!

With that out of the way, humble ol' me is gonna try my hand at picking the winners of what's left of this week's games.


Buffalo Bills (7-4) @ New England Patriots (6-5):
- Tough one. Buffalo squeaked out a victory last time they met on Buffalo's home turf. This time they're on the Patriot's turf... but I'm going to go with
Buffalo anyways. Who said Flutie's magic was running out?

Tennessee Oilers (6-5) @ Seattle Seahawks (5-6):
- Another close one... Both require a win to stay in the playoff hunt. Looks like Seattle QB Warren Moon's going to be benched, however, so I'm going with the
Oilers. The athleticism of Steve "Air" McNair and sure handed Eddie George will help them win.

New Orleans Saints (5-6) @ Miami Dolphins (7-4):
- Oh, I love this one. I'm a hardcore Buffalo fan, and can wish for no more than a Dolphin's loss. Saint's coach Mike Ditka's gonna whip Kerry Collins into shape this week. That kid's got too much talent to be wasted away, and who better to use it than Iron Mike Ditka. Go
New Orleans!

Arizona Cardinals (6-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (4-7):
- What's up with the Chiefs now-a-days? 6 straight losses is not what they are used to. Count on them to break it this week... Coach Shottenheimer style. Plus they're at home, no way are they going to blow a lead this week.
Chiefs will step on Arizona.

Carolina Panthers (2-9) @ New York Jets (7-4):
- Buffalo's going to take sole possession of first place in the AFC East this week. Yessiry, I pick
Panthers to upset the Jets! Why? Well, all indications point to a New York victory, but I really want the Bills to take first place... so I guess I'm praying for a Carolina win. Perhaps Keyshawn Johnson will break his kneecap or something... =)


... and the rest of the games are either lopsided matchups (49ers vs. Giants) or I'm too chicken to pick the winner. =)

H A P P Y --T H A N K S G I V I N G ! !
11-26-98 / 23:33:50

Happy Turkey day! Be sure to stuff yourself full of that tasty bird your ol' mom brought home yesterday and slobber yourself with that messy mash potato and gravy!

By the way, here's a Thanksgiving gift for you, it's Kansur's Song of the Week! This time his pick is actually a song that I also recommend, so don't forget to check it out in the "Articles" section.

Looks like Gerry's on his Thanksgiving break... therefore no Video Pick of the Week nor NFL Picks this weekend...

A O L --B U Y S --N E T S C A P E
11-26-98 / 23:33:50

You gotta wonder about the intelligence of Netscape Corp. in this move...

If I had a strong company that held a firm grip in internet market and stable stocks, I would not for my life sell my company to America Online.

One major problem sticks out like a sore thumb: ISP's usually offer a browser for their customers to browse the web with, and that browser was usually Netscape's Navigator. Now that Netscape's associated with AOL, ISP's would think twice about offering Navigator because that would mean they're promoting AOL... a competing online service. Can't go with Microsoft's Internet Explorer either since everybody hates Microsoft and in addition, they also have their own MSN competing online service.

... and then there's the PR. Netscape has always been the "good guy" in the market. AOL has always been the "bad guy" (see "101 things to do with a free AOL disk"). Now that Netscape's in the same boat as AOL, what's people supposed to think??


Also heard Mobil's gonna merger with Exxon. What's with this merger business? Soon the Department of Justice is gonna accuse Ronald McDonald of monopolizing the market...

E N E M Y --O F --T H E --S T A T E
11-23-98 / 02:28:01

Will Smith and Gene Hackman gives impressive performances in this High Tech thriller. Check it out in the "Reviews" section. First one I wrote since "Rush Hour"!

By the way, wasn't the Star Wars trailer supposed to be released to the theatres last Friday? Dammit...

A R O U N D --T H E --A W E S O M E --R I C E
11-21-98 / 00:40:01

Big round of applause for the staff writers, who has met their deadline dutifully this week and has their articles submitted and published! The weekly songs, movies, and professional football picks are posted in the "Articles" section.

A little post script... please make at least a marginal effort at reading the articles / reviews that is posted here at Rice World. The staff works hard on their articles for you, the end reader. You can show your appreciation by simply reading it, and perhaps give feedback in the message board. Thanks in advance!

I --S T I L L --K N O W --W H A T --Y O U . . .
11-18-98 / 18:39:20

... Did Last Summer...

Check it out... "Reviews" section... I rate this review PG-13 for lewd language on the part of Gerry. =)

V O O D O O -. . .--3 -? ! ?
11-18-98 / 18:39:20

Big-time mega computer show "Comdex" has attracted a lot of big name booths, and one of my favorite companies, 3dfx, has their own where they have just showed off their... VOODOO 3 reference design set!!!!!

Well fella's, if you don't know what a Voodoo is, then you're most likely not a gamer. If you are a gamer and still don't know what a Voodoo is, then you're name is probably Butch and you probably work night shifts at Ralphs supermarket and you probably go to school somewhere in Maine or Vermont... by the way, if you happen to fit into that category, no offense intended... =)

For the rest of us, rejoice! Voodoo 3 will most likely rock your computer screen with ultra smooooooooth gaming at ultra hiiiigghhh resolutions. If you're wondering what I'm doing now, I'm drooling. It combines the power of TWO Voodoo 2's and the 2D power of the Voodoo Banshee, and get this, it'll probably debut at around $199 - $250 dollars! If I were you, I'd get myself one of those suckers and enshrine it as your God of PC gaming.

M O N I C A ' S --V O I C E
11-18-98 / 18:39:20

I must apologize profusely for missing updates. All these big news happening and I have to be all busy and stuff. =(

Well, instead of whining excuses and stuff you don't want to hear anyways, let's jump straight into the meat (no pun intended).

Remember the headline for this update? It was also in one a couple of weeks ago where I ranted and raved about how we all know how Monica Lewinsky looks but how we never hear her voice?

Well voila! I guess that mystery has been solved, thanks to Linda Tripp, who secretly recorded their phone conversations on tape. What a nice friend, huh?