A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
11-13-98 / 06:05:17

Another early morning update... *sigh*

Sorry fella's, this site is getting messier and messier. I'll clean it up by Sunday afternoon, I swear... right after football. =)

Speaking of football, Gerry's weekly articles have been posted up in the "Articles" section. NFL Week 11's preview and of course, his video pick of the week. A little disclaimer, though... this week's video pick of the week is sort of... ah, let's just say it's not suitable for those with sensitive stomachs...

Kansur is back! And with him comes his song of the week in the "Articles" section (it's been a month now, but who's keeping track anyways?). This time he throws up three songs for your listening pleasure (and reading pleasure if you're a lyrics buff)... enjoy.

Well, I'm heading off to Idyllwild Desert Sun Science Center for a couple of days, should be back Sunday afternoon, so like I said before, I'll mop up the site a little when I return.

N E W T --S T E P S --D O W N
11-7-98 / 18:26:35

Ol' Blubbery Gingrich, speaker of our House of Representatives in Capitol Hill, decided yesterday that Congress was boring and not worth his time, so he quit.


This is the fellow that united the Republican party and led them to glory approximately four years ago. He was extremely popular back then and was considered one of the brightest minds in our muddy political nation.

Since then, his popularity sank like Bill Clinton's trousers. Soon after the Democrat's crushing victory a few days ago, Newt Gingrich, speaker of the House of Representatives and Majority leader of the republicans stated, "I could hardly stand by and allow the party to cannibalize itself!". Then he promptly packed up and left.

I remember a couple of weeks ago stating my displeasure in seeing people quitting, when Prey developer Paul Schuyetema left 3D Realms right in the middle of a project (Prey Developers Ditch! 10-13-98 / 20:51:05). Now Mr. Gingrich decides that tings were turning a bit sour for him, so *wham*, he quits.... the third most powerful seat in the nation (behind the President and the Vice President). Tisk, tisk...

And the whole time we thought Mr. Bill Clinton was the only powerful guy that was going to quit... What's next, Al Gore quits VP and Alan Greenspan takes over the country and turns it into a communist regime... I can't wait...

N F L --W E E K --1 0 --P R E V I E W
11-7-98 / 18:26:35

Gerry sports an all new look to the weekly NFL preview, with the spreads being posted and basing his picks with it. This format may or may not be useful for you guys, but be sure to check it out, especially his lock of the week!

I oughta nuke your paycheck for that pick, Gerry. =)

S T A R S H I P --T R O O P E R S . . .
11-5-98 / 20:47:16

... is this week's Video Pick of the Week!
Yes, my dear readers, after a brief vacation due to crunch time midterms, Gerry has returned with one of the most in depth look into this movie I have ever read before. It's posted up in the "Articles" section, so don't be shy, munch away!

I N D U S T R Y --B R I E F S
11-5-98 / 20:47:16

... as opposed to boxers...

Sorry, bad joke.

Anyways, some neat shmuck of demos have been released. The cream of the crop is, of course, Tomb Raider III! Yep, big-chested Lara Croft has returned for a third installment of this world famous video game. This time, I think she's chasing a comet of some sort or another, I'm not sure. Anyways, be sure to grab it here: click!

If you haven't grabbed Heretic II or Blood II yet, be sure to try them out (assuming you have an acceptable system to run them on). Heretic II click here! Blood II click here!

To round out this cesspool of demos is none other than the sequel to the Lost World, called "Trespasser". There have been mixed reviews about this game, so I dunno. Don't bother downloading this unless you have at least a Pentium 200 w/ 3D acceleration. Click!

J E O P A R D Y !
11-5-98 / 20:47:16

Here's something for you to chew on. I'm sure all of you have watched Jeopardy! sometime in your life before. I was just watching today's episode, and something struck me funny.

Those people who play Jeopardy! and make it on the show are all stoic nerds that say nothing but "I'd like Potpourri for a thousaud, Alex". Even when they wager their entire winnings in Final Jeopardy! and win, they merely crack open a tiny smile. Hell, if I won Jeopardy, I'd be jumping all over the stage. The only time they show a hint of being human is when Alex Trebec has his routine question & answer session in which the contestants all get to tell Alex about their personal ant farms or whatever. Otherwise they act like well-oiled robots throughout the game-show. I wonder why they don't have any fun, makes me think they're trained, before the show, to act that way. They're just not human! I'm serious, pop open your ol' boob-tube and switch to ABC at 7 o'clock. Heh... =)

The moral of the story? Beats the heck outta me...

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
11-4-98 / 06:29:36

Busy... busy... busy...
Pardon me, I'm dying of work. Be back soon with nice fat update. =)

... and me writing this at 6 a.m. doesn't help my mood much.

M O R E --C P U --T E C H N O --J A R G O N
11-1-98 / 22:03:43

Lots of nice fast computer chips are in the works right now, and the hype is absolutely huge. Online Gaming Review's Tech Talk column gives a nice lecture on all the new features that will be in the chips. If you're a sucker for super-fast computer chips (like me), be sure to check out The CPUs of '99.

H A P P Y --H A L L O W E E N --! !
10-31-98 / 22:47:45

Hey fella's! Happy Halloween to y'all! Did you know that halloween is traditionally the time when the spirit world is closest to the real world? Spooky stuff huh? Anyways, stay safe when trick or treating!

A R O U N D --T H E --R I C E
10-31-98 / 22:47:45

Things are slipping a bit in the staff lately. The traditional NFL previews and picks are missing this week, and the song of the week is no where to be seen. Seems like people's lives are busy busy busy... =)

By the way, Kansur's internet account has just been nuked, so he's temporarily unable to write any articles for Rice World just yet. Updated reports of his situation will be posted...

C A M P A I G N --A D V E R T I S E M E N T S
10-31-98 / 22:47:45

Funny stuff on T.V. commercials now that the November elections are coming up. Every candidate is flaming his / her opponent, all related to raising taxes and such. Since lil' ol' me lives in sunny Southern California, I get to hear all the bad stuff Barbara Boxer and Matt Fong ever did in their political life. Not to mention the Governor race between Gray Davis and Dan Lungren. According to the ads, they all did horrible stuff to HMO's and raised taxes over and over again. Geez guys! What ever happened to friendly competition? =)

Oh yeah, here's another absurd incident for the day. Los Angeles Chief Sherrif Block died a couple of days ago, but lo and behold, he is still running for re-eleciton! His name is still on the ballot, and his family is still trying to get voters to vote for a dead man?! I mean, it's pretty sad Mr. Block died and all, but I don't care if he's got the personality of George Washington and the political brains of Henry Clay, it's not going to do any good if he's dead! Imagine what would happen if he wins...

W I N D O W S --2 0 0 0
10-28-98 / 19:18:42

Good ol' Microsoft, just can't get off of my frontpage. It's turned out that they've changed the name of their brand-spankin' new NT 5.0 into Windows 2000. Don't mistake Windows 2K as part of the Windows 95 / 98 products. Windows 2K is part of the NT 3.5 / 4.0 products. It's set to ship in mid-1999, for you network junkies. Regular users probably should stay with Windows 98.

Basically there are three types of Windows 2K.
1. Professional Edition, a.k.a. NT Workstation
2. Server Edition, a.k.a. NT Server
3. Advanced Server Edition, a.k.a. NT Server Enterprise Edition

Especially the last one... definitely not for the feint of heart.
For a full laundry list of features etc., visit here:

N B A --L O C K O U T --P A R T --D E U X
10-28-98 / 19:18:42

The NBA announced their lockout extension all the way through November due to disputes... *sigh*... No basketball games until December (hopefully).

I have no more to say about this matter. Greed destroys all. Gluttony is sin.