About Me!

_____Well, first off, I'd like to say I'm very flattered that you would even care to read about me. Thank you! I love you all! (If you came here just because you were bored and wanted to read something, don't tell me because it'll hurt my ego. Let me live in my world of illusions). Hm... where shall I begin? =) Let's start at my name, shall we?

_____Rice?! What kind of name is that?!? You can go thank Kansur for that. During one of our online chats in which we compete to see who was more bored than who, he started playing scrabble with words, and eventually names (did you know that if you spelled "A Toyota" backwards you get... well, a toyota!). To most people, I am known as Eric. Eric, Rice, Eric, Rice... you get the connection. At the beginning, it was nothing but a simple conversation, but the damn problem was that it stuck. So I'm known to most people as Rice now. Okay, so that wasn't very interesting, but most stories about names aren't.

_____Where did Rice World originate? Well, I was originally webmaster of the very un-frequently visited Interact Service Club home page. One day, I took a survey, wondering how many people actually visit the site. You can go see the results for yourself here. I took a long break from webmaster-ing for a while, and while it was very relaxing, I missed working with HTML. High quality pages started popping up, and I suppose they motivated me into what is now Rice World. Namely, The Silicon Edge.

_____Haven't talked much about myself, have I? Instead of telling you my age, I'll give you my birthday instead, because time changes, and I don't really think I'll remember coming back to this page updating my age every year. September 10th, 1981, I was born in Taiwan. Yeah, I'm 100% pure Taiwanese. Travelled around a lot when I was young, lived in Taiwan (obviously), California, back to Taiwan, Missouri, back to Taiwan again, and finally settle back here at California. I still hate planes though. Ears always hurt like hell when the plane lands, and I have tried every trick in the book... none of 'em works for me. I first experienced internet on-line through AOL... 1994 I believe... and by gods if you thought it sucks now, it was ten times worse. Still I loved it, because it gave me a chance to surf the web (albeit VERY slowly). Dipped into BBS's for a while, got addicted to door games such as Barren Realms Elite and Legend of the Red Dragon. Back in those days, all it required to play was a 386-33. =)

_____I guess that's it. Nothing much else to talk about me... I'm a pretty boring guy to talk about. =) Enjoy your stay at Rice World!