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Blurb #3 -- Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 1999

    The gaming world is expanding as sure as the ending of my q2 career! PC gaming is doing well with such games as Diablo 2, Quake 3, and Revenant coming out. Diablo 1 is a classic developed by Blizzard. Players can interact in a fantasy world of monsters, magic, and heroes. The main point of the game is to walk around, gather spells and weapons, and gain experience points like a mad man so that you can destroy the evil called Diablo. Well, Diablo 2 operates in the same style, but with added perks--new characters, new spells, and you don't have to constantly load up on potions. Anyway, when the game is released, I'll give you guys a full taste of it. :) Revenant, by the way, is a game developed by Eidos and many are calling it the "Diablo killer." By this nickname, it's obvious that the game is pretty much like Diablo, 'cept with prettier graphics and other alterations in an attempt to emulate the Blizzard classic. The console realm is also faring well with the Dreamcast raking up over 9.2 million on the day of its debut. People say that the Dreamcast is just hype, which I happen to agree on. It's nothing but a PC without all the neat perks of a PC. But others, like Cruise, have faith in the system and I have to admit that I'd love to be able to play Soul Caliber and Virtua Fighter 3 counltess times. Anyway, the first of the next generation of systems won't be out until a good time from now, and in the form of Sony's Playstation 2.... which, by the way, is expected to go for around 300 buckeroos. Well, start saving, kids!

    Lastly, you guys might be wondering, "the end of Wisdom's q2 career?!?! Lies!!" Or maybe you don't give a rats ass in which case I'll flick a tear your way. Anyway, I have found q2 to be rather tasteless to me now.... to the point where I basically know when I'm going to win and when I'm going to lose. I know the patterns like the back of my palm, and it gets to the point where it's either I'm out pinged or not... or, in the few cases where the pings are equal, I'm outskilled by an exceptional player. Anyway, I still play the game occasionally and usually with players I can have fun with--players who don't demand rematches when they lose; players who don't gloat after winning; players who don't fill the server with profanity when they do something stupid. Well, enough about my gripes. Q2 can still be a fun game--like alot of things in life, it's great alongside a good group of friends. Anyway, I'm going to be disclosing my .cfg file for Q2 today, as sort of a "hanging up my badge" metaphor. I also typed up a config tutorial for those of you still into Q2, and for those of you interested in something that may help you with the q3 config. Click!

- Wisdom

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